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Quick Answer: The gift poem?

What is the gift poem about?

The Gift is a narrative poem about his childhood memories and pain. It also expresses the speaker’s limitless love for his late father. He also recalls the moments when he is perhaps looking after his wife. Lee also expresses the importance of discipline.

Who wrote the poem a gift?

“The Gift Outright” is a poem written by Robert Frost.

What does the speaker in the gift mean when he describes his father’s voice as a well of dark water?

One is as follows: “But [I] hear his voice still, a well of dark water, a prayer.” In this metaphor, the poet compares his father’s voice to a well of water and to a prayer, suggesting that his father’s voice has deep reserves that perhaps the boy does not understand.

Is poetry a gift?

Poems can be some of the most special and meaningful gifts you can give someone, but you want to choose the poems carefully so that they suit the person you’re giving them to.

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Did Gordo do it the gift?

Quick Answer: In the ending of The Gift, Gordo reveals his final gift to Simon and Robyn: a video of him drugging and presumably assaulting Robyn. During their teenage years, Simon fabricated a story about how Gordo was molested by an older boy, which ultimately ruined Gordo’s family and life.

Which figurative language is used in the poem the gift in wartime?

Tu’s “The Gift in Wartime” grieves the futility of war, employing the visual imagery of roses, clouds, and the body of a corpse. She also uses such figurative language as irony, apostrophe, anaphora, and metaphor to make her point. The speaker’s attitude toward war is one of sadness and bitter irony.

What did the lady compare the lover’s soul to?

Explanation: In the poem ‘Gift’ written by Alice Walker, the lady compares the soul of the lover to the thoughts of the lover. The lady in the poem thought that the lover never had feelings for her because the soul represented his thoughts only. And feelings represented heart.

Which journal published Robert Frost’s poem My butterfly an elegy?

On November 8, 1894, a poem by Robert Lee Frost, then a 20-year-old grammar school teacher in Salem, New Hampshire, appeared on the front page of the New York newspaper The Independent. The poem, titled “My Butterfly: An Elegy,” was the first poem Frost ever sold, and his first professionally published poem.

What does the speaker recall his father doing in those winter Sundays?

Those Winter Sundays is a poem about a memory. The speaker recalls the actions of a father who each Sunday rises early to dutifully make a fire and polish the good shoes for his son. It’s only later on in life that the child becomes aware of the sacrifice his father, a hard working parent, made.

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Which of the following lines best reveals a concern with the social ills of the time?

The line “Child as he was, he was desperate with hunger, and reckless with misery” reveals a concern with the social ills of the time. A starving child is definitely indicative of a social ill.

Is poetry a talent?

Poetry is a skill that cannot be forged. You either have it or don’t. Poets are fascinating because of their natural flow of words and rhymes; they have a talent which is innate and effortless. Poets are fascinating because of their natural flow of words and rhymes; they have a talent which is innate and effortless.

How do you give someone a poem?

How to gift a poem

  1. Tweet it a line at a time.
  2. Post it on Facebook.
  3. Hand-write or print it and put it in a frame.
  4. Stamp it into a paver.
  5. Stitch it like an old-fashioned sampler.
  6. Transfer it onto a t-shirt, mug, bowl, etc.
  7. Make a collage out of it.
  8. Make a chapbook out of it.

Are poets born or made?

A poet is neither made or born, they exists just sometimes no one sees them and sometimes they dont wish to be seen Robert Graves said poets are born, not made. In other words, the ability to write poetry is an inborn gift, not something you can learn.

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