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Quick Answer: The forge poem?

What is the poem The Forge about?

‘The Forge‘ by Seamus Heaney uses poetic language to describe the workings of a blacksmith’s forge and the man who runs it. The poem begins with the speaker describing what is inside and outside the blacksmith’s shop. Outside one can see discarded metal-work. On the inside, things are much more lively.

What is the theme of the poem The Forge?

The blacksmith is a metaphor for all creative artists and craftsmen, including the poet. As the imagined blacksmith enters a “darkspace to “beat” out his creation, so a poet beats a new creation out of the “unpredictable” stuff of words.

How is the forge used as an extended metaphor?

Heaney uses the extended analogy of the forge as a centre of creativity and he posits the thesis that the blacksmith’s work is synonymous with the creative work of the poet. He uses the beautiful simile “horned as a unicorn” to compare the anvil at the centre to the mythical ancient unicorn.

Where does the door into the dark lead in the forge?

The door into the dark leads to the workshop of the “forge” or “smithy” (or blacksmith, more popularly), one of the oldest processes for shaping metal. Some think Heaney is using this extended reflection on the forge to evoke something of the writer’s creative craft, perhaps even his own.

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Where is the anvil located in The Forge?

The anvil is placed as near to the forge as is convenient, generally no more than one step from the forge to prevent heat loss in the work piece. The most common base traditionally was a hard wood log or large timber buried several feet into the floor of the forge shop.

When was the forge by Seamus Heaney written?

Heaney first wrote about Devlin in his poem, The Forge, from his 1969 collection, A Door into the Dark, which takes its name from the poem’s first line: “All I know is a door into the dark.” Struck for the millennium.

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