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Quick Answer: See you later alligator poem?

What do you say after See You Later Alligator?

Hang loose, mongoose. Bye-bye, butterfly. I‘ve always known it as “See you later, alligator” (Bill Haley wrote a song with this name), which can be shortened to “’Later, gator.” This light-hearted expression is a variation on rhyming farewells we learn as kids here in America: After a while, crocodile.

What are some sayings like See You Later Alligator?

Besides the everyday “slang,” many high school students use expressions such as “toodle-oo tofu,” “so long, dai-kong,” or “see you later, alligator.” These sayings invite expressions likesee you soon, goon,” and “hit the road, toad.”

What comes after in a while crocodile?

after (a) while, crocodile

An playful way to say goodbye before a temporary parting, often preceded by “See you later, alligator.” A: “See you later, alligator.” B: “After a while, crocodile.”

Who says See You Later Alligator?

“See You Later, Alligator” is a 1950s rock and roll song written and first recorded by American singer-songwriter Bobby Charles. The song was a Top Ten hit for Bill Haley and His Comets in 1956 in the United States.

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What does in a while crocodile mean?

The expression seems to have originated in the southern USA sometime in the 1930’s. Instead of saying goodbye, one person say “See you later aligator” and the other replies “in a while crocodile“. It became famous in the 1950’s when it was used in the lyrics of a smash hit song by Bill Haley and the Comets.

Is it after while crocodile or in a while crocodile?

The correct answer is “After a while, crocodile“, as it is a reply to “See you later, alligator“. “After while crocodile” makes no grammatical sense.

Is See You Later Alligator a metaphor?

See you later, alligator” is a catchphrase, an expression meaninggoodbye.” The words are taken from a popular rock-and-roll song of the fifties. “See you later, alligator” is just a cute, funny way to say “goodbye. We’ll see you later“. It would be used among young friends in a casual way.

How do you respond to Okie Dokie Artichokie?

What are some alternatives to ‘okie dokie artichokie‘? Righty rooty tooty fruity. “alright.” “sure.” “you bet.” “sounds good.” “affirmative.” A firm slap around the face.

What comes after not too soon baboon?

Not too soon, you big baboon. In a while, crocodile. Out the door, dinosaur.

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