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Question: The walrus and the carpenter poem?

What does the poem The Walrus and the Carpenter mean?

‘The Walrus and the Carpenter‘ is a narrative poem famous for the themes of death and betrayal. It was first published in 1865. This poem speaks about a Walrus and a Carpenter who trick innocent young oysters and eat them after a walk on the seashore. The poem also deals with the idea of cunningness in human nature.

What does Of cabbages and kings mean?

The full line is: “Let us talk of cabbages and kings Not the shadow waiting in the wings…” @zaguro So it means: “talking of many different things”? I have found this line in the song “Master of the Strings” Rudolf. The full line is: “Let us talk of cabbages and kings.

What is the poem The time has come the walrus said?

“The time has come“, the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes – and ships – and sealing wax – Of cabbages – and kings- And why the sea is boiling hot – And whether pigs have wings.”

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Why were the Walrus and Carpenter weeping?

Answer: After we’ve brought them out so far, And made them trot so quick!’ ‘I weep for you,’ the Walrus said: Some commentators have interpreted the predatory walrus and carpenter as representing, respectively, Buddha (because the walrus is large) and Jesus (the carpenter being the trade Jesus was raised in).

What type of poem is The Walrus and the Carpenter?

“The Walrus and the Carpenter” is a narrative poem by Lewis Carroll that appeared in his book Through the Looking-Glass, published in December 1871. The poem is recited in chapter four, by Tweedledum and Tweedledee to Alice.

What does walrus mean?

: a large gregarious marine mammal (Odobenus rosmarus of the family Odobenidae) of arctic waters related to the seals that has limbs modified into webbed flippers, long ivory tusks, a tough wrinkled hide, stiff whiskers, and a thick layer of blubber.

What is cabbage slang for?

an unintelligent person. (From “vegetable”.) You’re such a cabbage.

Who spoke of cabbages and kings?

Cabbages and Kings was one of O Henry’s first successful publications; it was inspired by the six months he spent living as an expatriate in Honduras. Cabbages and Kings is notable for having coined the phrase ‘banana republic’, bananas being Anchuria’s key export.

How did the Walrus and the Carpenter trick the oysters?

Answer. The carpenter and the walrus tricked the oysters by saying we an go for a walk and have a meal the oysters agreed accept for the eldest one. It was harmful as they were intending to eat the oysters.

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Why did the Walrus and the Carpenter invite the oysters what was their real intention?

Answer: The Walrus intends to deceive oysters into thinking they are going to have a pleasant chat. The walrus tries to show sympathy toward the poor creatures, but the carpenter simply wants to eat them.

Who are the characters of the Walrus and the Carpenter?

The Walrus and the Carpenter are a pair of fictional characters from the novel Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll. They only appear within a poem, that Tweedledee and Tweedledum recite in Chapter Four.

The Walrus and the Carpenter (characters)
Occupation Red Bishop Red Knight

How do the oysters respond to the walrus request?

How do the Oysters respond to the Walrusrequest? The Oysters follow the Walrus without question. The young and old Oysters hesitantly follow the Walrus. The Oysters first deny the Walrusrequest, but then agree to follow him.

Why did the oyster turns a little blue?

They Oysters turned blue because they became suspicious of the Walrus’s intention. They guessed that the Walrus and the Carpenter were intending to eat them, why. abdulhaadiy209 is waiting for your help.

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