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Question: My last duchess poem?

What does the poem My Last Duchess mean?

The Objectification of Women

My Last Duchess” is a dramatic monologue in which the Duke of Ferrara tells the messenger of his potential wife’s family about his previous wife, the “lastduchess of the poem’s title. The painting is meant to aggrandize the duke rather than honor the woman it portrays.

What is the rhyme scheme of My Last Duchess?

The poem is written with rhymed couplets. The rhyme scheme would be AABBCCDD, and so on. With this pattern, Browning demonstrated the control of the Duke over and his viciousness towards his late wife. The primary themes of the story connect together through the personality of the Duke.

Why did Alfonso kill his duchess?

He then abandoned her for two years before she died on 21 April 1561, at age 17. Although there was a strong suspicion of poisoning, it is more likely that the cause of her death was tuberculosis. It is speculated that the rumour of poisoning was started by enemies of Alfonso II.

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How did the duchess die in My Last Duchess?

In My Last Duchess, the duchess has died, most likely as an act of murder. The speaker in the poem is the duchess’s husband, the duke.

What does all smiles stopped in line 46 imply?

Because the Duchess “smiled” (line 43) at others, the Duke “gave commands” (line 45) so that “all smiles stopped together” (line 46), which may be a euphemism for having the Duchess killed or at least silenced.

What is the mood of My Last Duchess?

The tone of the poem is that of an ignorant, vulgar, insensitive, selfish, arrogant, and brutal man who is trying his best to sound like a courtly aristocrat.

What is the irony in my last Duchess?

In “My Last Duchess,” verbal irony is demonstrated when the Duke says to his guests, “even had you skill in speech… which I have not”(35-36). 172). The Duke is not a modest man, but him making this seemingly humble statement in the midst of all his power stricken remarks establishes situational irony.

Why is the Duke speaking to this listener?

The Duke is trying to convey to the listener, who has come to broker a new marriage for the Duke, that his deceased wife was disloyal to him.

What does the Duke say about dowry?

Near the end of the monologue he says, “I repeat, / The Count your master’s known munificence / Is ample warrant that no just pretence / Of mine for dowry will be disallowed.” So he is repeating what he has already told this man, showing that the dowry was uppermost in his mind.

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What flaw does the Duke identify in his last duchess?

The duke is upset that everything pleases the duchess. She is too innocent and too generous with her approval and too easily impressed. He later says that her holding any kindness in equal standing with his affection and his gifts “disgusts” him, though he refuses to “stoop” to tell the duchess why he is upset.

Is My Last Duchess a romantic poem?

My Last Duchess” uses a dramatic monologue in the form of a Romantic verse to enter the unabashed, amoral mind of a psychopath. In it, a duke speaks to his unnamed audience while looking at a painting of his dead wife in his private art gallery.

Who is speaking in My Last Duchess?

The Duke (Duke Alfonso of Ferrara) is the speaker in the poem. We know that he’s been married at least once before, and that his wife died — by the end it is suggested that he killed her.

Why did the Duchess stop smiling?

After mentioning his anger at her supposed disrespect of him, he throws in this line, which is our clue: “I gave commands; Then all smiles stopped together.” So, he “gave commands” and she stopped smiling forever. This hints that he told someone to kill her.

Why does the speaker in Porphyria’s Lover kill her?

He feared she might not feel the same way she felt for him the next day as she did that night. His was an apparently insane mind, for he decided to kill her. By doing so, he thought, he might be able to seize that moment forever. If Porphyria died while she was united with him, he would never lose her.

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