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Often asked: It couldn t be done poem?

What is the poem it couldn’t be done about?

‘It Couldn’t Be Done‘ by Edgar Albert Guest describes what it takes to do something that has never been done before and prove those who doubt you wrong. The first two stanzas tell of a situation in which an unnamed “Somebody” tries to convince a man that “something” cannot be done.

What did the man say when he was told that it couldn’t be done?

Answer. Answer: ‘Hesaid that ‘maybe it couldn’t be done‘ but he won’t be sure unless he tried.

When was it couldn’t be done written?

The dangers that wait to assail you. That “couldn’t be done,” and you’ll do it. As with all Guest’s work poems were published in Newspapers before being collected in bound volumes. 1919 was the date of publication of this poem in “The Path To Home” but it is known to have been in print at least as early as 1917.

Who wrote the poem it couldn’t be done?

It Couldn’t Be Done by Edgar Albert Guest | Poetry Foundation.

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What figure of speech is used in the given line that couldn’t be done and he did it in the poem?

The central figure of speech which runs through the poem is paradox. The man in the poem did the thing that couldn’t be done and so, says the poet in the last line, can you. Since the thing ends up being done, the repeated assertions of impossibility on the part of the onlookers also amount to hyperbole.

What is the theme of the poem it couldn’t be done How should any difficult task be undertaken according to the poet?

“It Couldn’t Be Done” by Edgar Guest discusses the importance of perseverance and self reliance in a world filled with negativity. The poem includes imagery, symbolism, connotation, form, and sound devices to contribute to the overall topic of motivation.

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