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FAQ: Aunt jennifer’s tigers poem?

What is the poem Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers about?

The poet uses symbols in the poem. The Tigers are the symbol of courage, honor, bravery and confidence. The massive weight of ‘Uncle’s wedding band’ is symbol of harsh and bitter experiences of Aunt Jennifer’s married life. ‘Ordeals’ and ‘Ringed’ also stands for bitter and harsh experiences.

What is the rhyme scheme of Aunt Jennifer’s Tiger?

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers is an interesting poem which looks at the life of a married woman, the institution of marriage within which she suffers and shows how she uses art as a medium to escape the reality she’s in. Divided into three stanzas of two couplets each, the poem employs a rhyme scheme of aabbccddeeff.

What is Aunt Jennifer’s death symbolic of?

3.”When Aunt is dead, her terrified hands will lie Still ringed with ordeals she was mastered by. The tigers in the panel that she made Will go on prancing, proud and unafraid.” a) What is Aunt Jennifer’s death symbolic of? Answer: Aunt Jennifer’s death is symbolic of her complete submission to her suppression.

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What are the examples in the poem that suggest that Aunt Jennifer found her life a great challenge?

What are the examples in the poem that suggest that Aunt Jennifer found her life a great challenge? The poem suggests that Aunts life was full of hardships and difficulties. She was a victim of male oppression and seemed to have suffered a lot at uncles hands. Uncle is a symbol of a male dominated society.

Why did Aunt Jennifer create Tigers?

Aunt Jennifer chose to embroider tigers on the panel because of the nature of the tigers. The massive weight of the wedding band that sits heavily on her finger symbolises the ordeals and hardships of her married life so she creates tigers as they are a striking contrast to the frail, meek old lady who created them.

Why are Aunt Jennifer’s fingers fluttering?

because she is terrorised and traumatised by the constraints of her married life. it is the fear, it is the weight of the band that signifies her wedding. It is the dominance of her husband over her which causes her to lose her courage and makes her fingers flutter through the wool.

Who is the aunt Jennifer afraid of?

Aunt Jennifer is probably terrified of the oppression of her chauvinist husband. She lives her life under constant pressure of duties and responsibilities of a married lady.

What are the ordeals aunt Jennifer is surrounded by?

Aunt Jennifer is surrounded by the ordeals of the heavy responsibilities of her married life towards the family and towards Uncle Jennifer. The poetess used the word ‘ringed’ to point that Aunt was surrounded by the responsibilities which encircled her like a ring that surrounds the finger.

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What is the irony in the poem Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers?

Irony: It is ironical that Aunt Jennifer’s creations- the tigers will continue to pace and prance freely, while Aunt herself will remain terrified even after death, ringed by the ordeals she was controlled by in her married life.

What is Aunt Jennifer aim in life?

Explanation: Aunt Jenifer wants a life in which she takes her decisions and be fearless like a tiger. She wants to move above the oppression faced by her as a result of being in wedlock.

How are Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers different from her?

In the poem ‘Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers‘, the tigers are portrayed by Aunt Jennifer completely opposite to her own character. The tigers that she had drawn are portrayed as fearless, confident, proud and not bound by anything or anyone. In contrast, Aunt Jennifer has an unfree and oppressed life.

Why does the aunt create Tigers totally opposed to her own personality?

Solution: In creating animals that are different from her own character, Aunt Jennifer found a means of living an alternate life that is denied to her: a life that is proud, free, fearless and sure of itself. The tigers denote her yearning for power, freedom and fearless living.

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