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Question: What is a vignette in literature?

What is a vignette example?

Example #1: In Our Time (By Ernest Hemingway)

Each time he felt the horn coming. Sometimes the bull only bumped him with his head. Once the horn went all the way through him and he felt it go into the sand … Maera felt everything getting larger and larger and then smaller and smaller.

What is a writing vignette?

A vignette is a short, descriptive scene. Vignettes are intended to leave an impression on the audience’s mind. You might find a vignette in works of fiction or nonfiction, essays, films, and theatrical scripts. It’ll focus on a particular moment and provide more information about a character, theme, mood, or idea.

Why do authors use vignettes?

Vignettes are important because of their descriptive nature—they can illuminate significant information, create depth of character, or provide insight about past events or circumstances. This helps create a more complete picture of the greater story. All stories rely on vignettes to provide detail.

What is the difference between a vignette and a short story?

A vignette is a scene or a descriptive sketch. A vignette differs from a short story in that it doesn’t necessarily have all the elements of plot. A short story—no matter how short—will have a conflict and a beginning, middle, and end. A short story will also have a protagonist.

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How do you start writing a vignette?

A vignette should express a certain moment, mood, aspect, setting, character, or object. Most of all, it should be short, but descriptive. In terms of length, a vignette is typically 800-1000 words. But it can be as short as a few lines or under 500 words.

What are the elements of Vignette?


  • THINK “THEME” For me, a vignette is easier if it is created around a theme.
  • CORRAL A VIGNETTE. Putting your vignette together in something give it boundaries.

How do you use vignette in a sentence?

Vignette in a Sentence

  1. As an assignment, we were asked to read a two-page vignette and then sum up the writer’s opinion on immigration.
  2. In my short film class, I shot a vignette about the life of a homeless teenager.
  3. The vignette will give potential soldiers a glimpse of a day in the military.

What is the meaning of Vignette?

1a: a picture (such as an engraving or photograph) that shades off gradually into the surrounding paper. b: the pictorial part of a postage stamp design as distinguished from the frame and lettering. 2a: a short descriptive literary sketch. b: a brief incident or scene (as in a play or movie)

What is another word for vignette?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for vignette, like: scene, headpiece, anecdote, illustration, scenario, sketch, engraving, novelette, design, story and picture.

How do you know when something you read is a vignette?


  1. Short scenes within a larger story that are usually under 1,000 words.
  2. Designed to give more visual context to a character, place, or event.
  3. Not bound to a narrative structure; rather, focuses on description.
  4. Time doesn’t pass in a vignette; it describes a moment in time.
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What is a vignette visa?

A visa vignette is the physical visa that is added to a traveller’s passport or travel document. Vignettes for employment, study and settlement are usually valid for 30 days to enable the holder to travel to the UK and collect their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).

What is a vignette for driving in Europe?

Vignette is a form of road pricing imposed on vehicles, usually in addition to the compulsory road tax, based on a period of time the vehicle may use the road, instead of road tolls that are based on distance travelled. Vignettes are currently used in several European countries.

Can a vignette be a poem?

In literature, a vignette is a short scene that focuses on one moment that is especially powerful or significant. Vignette examples can be found in plays, poems, and novels.

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