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Question: Antecedent examples in literature?

What is an example of an antecedent?

An antecedent is a part of a sentence that is later replaced by a pronoun. An example of an antecedent is the word “John” in the sentence: “John loves his dog.”

What is an antecedent in a sentence?

A word can refer to an earlier noun or pronoun in the sentence. President Lincoln is the ANTECEDENT for the pronoun his. An antecedent is a word for which a pronoun stands. ( ante = “before”) The pronoun must agree with its antecedent in number.

What is antecedent linguistics?

Definition: An antecedent is a word, phrase, or clause referred to endophorically by another expression which precedes or follows it.

What does antecedence mean?

noun. the act of going before; precedence. priority.

How do you identify an antecedent?

An antecedent is the word that a pronoun replaces or refers to. Any time that you have a pronoun, you’ll have an antecedent, even if it’s not in the very same sentence. This makes sense; if we didn’t have an antecedent for every pronoun, we’d be left with a lot of confusion.

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What is an antecedent in literature?

Broadly speaking, antecedent is a literary device in which a word or pronoun in a line or sentence refers to an earlier word.

What is the antecedent of everyone?

The indefinite pronoun everybody is always singular. The pronoun their which refers back to its antecedent everybody also needs to be in the singular form.

What does antecedent behavior mean?

In technical terms, antecedents of behavior are stimulus events, situations, or circumstances that precede an operant response (Miltenberger, 2004). In Laymen terms, an antecedent is what was happening or what/who was present right before the behavior occurred.

What are the two types of antecedents?

positive (obtaining desired stimuli) or negative (escape/avoid undesired stimuli) reinforcement. (also known as “discriminative stimuli”) are different types of antecedents to behavior/consequent contingencies.

What is an antecedent in Latin?

Antecedent – the word to which another word (for our purposes, a relative pronoun) relates. Relative Clause – an adjectival clause that “relates” or refers to a noun in a main clause (can refer to any noun in a main clause).

Is the an antecedent?

Recognize an antecedent when you find one. The English language includes pronouns, words such as she, it, or they. You cannot picture the she until you know what this pronoun refers to. In grammar vocabulary, the antecedent is the word, phrase, or clause that a pronoun can replace.

How do you find the antecedent in a sentence?

Antecedent Identification

The antecedent is the noun the pronoun represents in a sentence. When you see a pronoun, you should be able to understand its meaning by looking at the rest of the sentence. Look at the following sentence: The Smiths picked apples for hours, and they put them in large boxes.

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What is the synonym of antecedent?

Some common synonyms of antecedent are anterior, foregoing, former, preceding, previous, and prior.

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