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FAQ: How to submit literature on deviantart?

How do I get my art noticed on DeviantArt?

Five basic tips to get your Art some Attention, Appreciation & Audience on deviantART

  1. Submit art regularly. Try to find a balance between quality and quantity.
  2. Improve.
  3. Present yourself professionally.
  4. Go to the Forum.
  5. Perhaps the most important of all: browse art and comment on it.

How do I submit a journal to a group on DeviantArt?

The usual way to submit a journal to a group is via the groups platform. Therefor go to your group and click at the “Journal” tab, to get to the journals page. There you can find the “+ New Blog Entry” button at the top left. If you click that you will get an empty form for your new journal entry.

How do you feature a journal on DeviantArt?

From the profile page or posts page:

  1. Hover over the thumbnail of the journal you want to edit.
  2. Click the “” to pull up a menu.
  3. Click “Edit.”
  4. You’ll be able to edit your cover image, text, make this entry a featured post!
  5. Be sure to click “Update” before you close out!
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What is a journal on DeviantArt?

Journals on DeviantArt are your personal blogging space. You can use them as a diary, as a platform to speak your mind, to become an art curator and put great things on display for your watchers, or any other purpose you can imagine for them.

Is DeviantArt a good place to post art?


Launched in 2000, DeviantArt has more of an amateur, hobbyist feel to it than ArtStation. And so while you’re less likely to get commissions directly through it, it’s a better platform for putting your art in front of your peers and getting feedback. Plus, back then, DeviantArt had a great community.

Does DeviantArt own my art?

DeviantArt does not retain any ownership nor right to ownership of any artwork posted to deviantArt. The point of question in our Submission Policy is one which gives us the right to present the artwork you submit to deviantArt on deviantArt.

How do you post a journal on deviantart?

Hover over the Submit button in the top right corner, and click Journal. Select the perfect image to make your cover image by clicking “Add Cover.” Start typing in the text window! Here, you can compose a journal using formatting like bold, italics, bullet points and lists, and more!

Is DeviantArt still popular 2019?

Though there is a case to be made that that DeviantArt is still a popular platform—it’s still one of the top 200 websites in the world—many artists feel that in 2019, the site is not the same. Screenshot of Aaron Jasinski’s gallery page on DeviantArt, 2019.

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How do I make my VSCO Journal private?

If you would prefer your Journal to remain private, swipe left on the Public toggle to make your Journal private.

How do you make a deviation on DeviantArt?

You can begin the submission process from any page by hovering over the “Submit” button in the header. Select “Deviation” to go to the submissions page! You can also go here to submit visual art. If you’re in your, you can submit using the “Submit to DeviantArt” button on any Sta.

How do I post on deviantart eclipse?

Eclipse keeps most things that you can create or submit in one area Just hover over the big SUBMIT icon and select Deviation from the drop down, which can be done from anywhere on the website (for example, the new “Recommended For You” section). It’s time to get your art uploaded.

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