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Readers ask: Poet helen steiner rice?

When did Helen Steiner Rice die?

She died on the evening of April 23, 1981, a month before her 81st birthday, and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Lorain, Ohio.

Was Helen Steiner Rice Catholic?

Faith: Helen was blessed with devoted Christian parents and came to a personal faith in God as a child. Her desire was to be totally surrendered to God’s will and open to His guidance. Her life’s motto was simple – “Pray, listen, act”.

Was Helen Steiner Rice married?

In 1929, Steiner married Franklin Rice, a Dayton, Ohio bank vice-president. Their marriage lasted only three years.

Who is the poet of the poem another chance?

The poemAnother Chance‘ written by Helen Steiner Rice describes about another chance of winning over. She adds that by trying with all our heart and forgiving others we can succeed in our lives.

Why do we wish for another chance short answer?

We ask for a second chance because we know that we can do much better You cannot please everyone every time but by getting a second chance we get a hope to make people happy at the same moment.. WE WISH FOR ANOTHER CHANCE BECAUSE WE KNOW THAT WE ARE CAPABLE OF DOING THINGS MUCH BETTER.

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What is the theme of the poem another chance?

The poemanother chance” is about the different chances in your life. The writer expresses the idea of the people are desiring another chance for the amendments of their mistakes. He says that we should give an extra chance to everybody as it is all about the matter of the heart.

How often do people wish for another chance?

to make a fresh beginning. And change failure into winning. To try with all our heart.

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