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Often asked: Prose contact lenses?

How much do prose lenses cost?

PROSE lenses are like contacts, but they are harder and cover more of the eye surface. They are custom made for each individual to accomplish a high quality fit, but the quality comes with a hefty price tag. The fittings and first pair of lenses cost approximately $15,000.

What is a prose lens?

PROSE uses FDA-approved, custom-designed prosthetic lenses to restore visual function, protect the cornea and reduce symptoms of disease. Her specialties include contact lens fits for patients with corneal disorders, such as post-graft corneas and keratoconus; cosmetic contact lenses

What is prose treatment for eyes?

The treatment dramatically reduces eye pain that patients experience with corneal disease. PROSE is a transparent dome, filled with a sterile saline solution that serves as an artificial tear reservoir, providing constant lubrication to the eye, and allowing oxygen to reach the cornea.

Why are sclera lenses so expensive?

One of the most commonly recited myths about scleral lenses is that they are much more expensive than standard soft lenses. Because the lenses must be fitted and customized to fit each individual eye, there is more work involved in prescribing scleral lenses, which many patients assume will lead to higher cost.

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Can you take a nap with scleral lenses?

Typically, eye care physicians recommend that you do not sleep in your scleral contact lenses. Sleeping in your scleral lenses can cause the tear layer behind the lens to become stagnant, increasing the risk of eye infections.

How many hours can you wear scleral lenses?

Many patients who wear scleral lenses are able to wear them for 12-14 hours daily. Some patients may need to remove the lenses, clean them, and reapply them with fresh saline periodically throughout the course of the day in order to maintain the best possible vision and comfort.

Are sclera lenses dangerous?

70 patients experienced corneal infections while wearing scleral lenses. Two patients experienced graft rejection while wearing scleral lenses. These findings are encouraging: complications due to scleral lens wear appear to be relatively rare.

Does Medicare pay for prose lenses?

When the PROSE® device is used for conditions other than those listed above, the device must be coded with HCPCS code V2531 (contact lens, scleral, gas permeable, per lens) and is subject to the Medicare refractive lens statutory coverage exclusion.

Are scleral lenses medically necessary?

Scleral lenses are often medically necessary for patients with irregular corneas, as seen here. The definition of medically necessary contact lenses should be clear by now, yet it continues to be parsed, segmented and redefined by third party carriers.

Do scleral lenses work for dry eye?

Nearly five million Americans over the age of 50 suffer from dry eye syndrome. One option to solver dry eye is the use of scleral lenses. Though commonly used to treat corneal irregularities and refractive errors, scleral lenses can also provide great relief to dry eye patients.

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Are scleral lenses covered by insurance?

The scleral lens fitting for Keratoconus is covered by most medical insurance plans. Often times vision insurance covers for the scleral lens fitting. The coverage varies among medical insurances and vision insurances, and you may be responsible to pay a part of it.

Are sclera contacts illegal?

The US Food and Drug Administration has issued a health warning about the dangers of non-prescription decorative contact lenses and has instructed customs officials to bar the entry of all such lenses into the United States.

Are scleral lenses soft or hard?

Scleral lenses are contact lenses that are about the size of a soft contact lens. They fit on the conjunctiva, or white part of the eye, so they are very comfortable just like a soft contact lens.

How long do scleral lenses last?

Scleral lenses are made to wear daily for typically 10-16 hours and cleaned every night. Depending on your lens care habits and your tear film dynamics, scleral lenses should last about 1-2 years (similar to that of traditional RGPs).

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