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FAQ: Poet anne bradstreet?

What is Anne Bradstreet’s most famous poem?

Anne Bradstreet’s most famous poem is “Contemplations.” Anne Bradstreet died in 1672 at the age of 60. The Tenth Muse was published in America in 1678, six years after her death.

What was Anne Bradstreet known for?

Anne Bradstreet was the first woman to be recognized as an accomplished New World Poet. Her volume of poetry The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America Bradstreet’s work has endured, and she is still considered to be one of the most important early American poets.

What is Anne Bradstreet poetry mainly about?

Anne Bradstreet was in most ways quite typically Puritan. Many poems reflect her struggle to accept the adversity of the Puritan colony, contrasting earthly losses with the eternal rewards of the good. In one poem, for instance, she writes of an actual event: when the family’s house burned down.

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What were Anne Bradstreet’s poems influenced by?

Anne Bradstreet’s poems were greatly influenced by her education and her religion. She was well educated with a degree in English literature and held strong religious beliefs which can be understood by reading her poems in detail. She was renowned as the first accomplished poet in American literature.

Why was it not an easy life for Bradstreet?

Bradstreet did not have an easy life…. Her husband, in quest for more land and power, constantly moved them to the edges of the dangerous frontier. Anne herself was frequently ill and constantly expected death, but survived to be 60 years old.

Did Anne Bradstreet’s house burn down?

In 1645, her family moved to North Andover (then called Andover). Even if her address was known, the building would surely be gone; in 1666, Bradstreet’s North Andover home burned down, prompting her to write one of her most well-known poems “Verses Upon the Burning of our House.”

How was Anne Bradstreet a feminist?

Though outwardly conventional, Anne was certainly a feminist. In a poem about Queen Elizabeth the First, who Anne regarded as a hero and role model, she wrote “Let such as say our sex is void of reason / Know ’tis a slander now, but once was treason.”

How does Anne Bradstreet feel about her husband?

In your own words, summarize Anne Bradstreet’s feelings about her husband in her poem, “To My Dear Loving Husband.” She expresses how strong her love is for him by saying, “My love is such that rivers cannot quench.” She expresses in her poem that she will never be able to repay her husband for his love for her.

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How old was Anne Bradstreet when she arrived to America?

Her early, more imitative poetry, taken to England by her brother-in-law (possibly without her permission), appeared as The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America in 1650 when she was 38 and sold well in England.

What type of poetry was Anne Bradstreet known for?

She is the first Puritan figure in American Literature and notable for her large corpus of poetry, as well as personal writings published posthumously. Born to a wealthy Puritan family in Northampton, England, Bradstreet was a well-read scholar especially affected by the works of Du Bartas.

How did Anne Bradstreet contribute to literature?

Anne Bradstreet defied the rules of her time by writing about whatever she wanted including personal thoughts, reflections, emotions, and events. Bradstreet was the first to write about personal matters, which is her greatest literary contribution in early American literature.

What literary techniques did Anne Bradstreet use?

Two important devices are end rhyme and anaphora. Anne Bradstreet’s poem is about her house burning down. That incident in her was out of her control. She uses end rhyme throughout her poem to have a sense of control.

When did Anne Bradstreet die?

Anne Bradstreet, née Anne Dudley, (born c. 1612, Northampton, Northamptonshire?, England—died September 16, 1672, Andover, Massachusetts Bay Colony [U.S.]), one of the first poets to write English verse in the American colonies.

Who was the first American poet?

Anne Bradstreet: America’s First Poet Anne Bradstreet is considered America’s earliest poet, and a new biography details her life.

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