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Quick Answer: Word choice definition literature?

What is the word choice of a story?

Word choice, or diction, is essential to stories. The words you choose set the tone for a story. They clue your reader in to what kind of story it’s going to be. And they tell your reader exactly who the story is intended to be read by.

What is word choice called in literature?

Diction is word choice. When writing, use vocabulary suited for the type of assignment. Words that have almost the same denotation (dictionary meaning) can have very different connotations (implied meanings).

What is the definition of the word choice?

1: the act of choosing: selection finding it hard to make a choice. 2: power of choosing: option you have no choice. 3a: the best part: cream Of the cavalry the king’s own was the choice. b: a person or thing chosen she was their first choice.

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What does word choice mean in a poem?

” Word choice ” refers to the words a poet chooses to use. Word choice is extremely important in poetry, since the poem is such a compact form. Sometimes poets choose words for the way they sound; sometimes for their connotations.

What are word choice examples?


as fresh as a daisy as slow as molasses as white as snow
old as dirt our neck of the woods plain as the nose on your face
raking in the dough sick as a dog stick in the mud
stubborn as a mule sweet as apple pie thorn in my side
two peas in a pod under the weather walks on water

Why is the word choice important?

All strong writers have something in common: they understand the value of word choice in writing. Strong word choice uses vocabulary and language to maximum effect, creating clear moods and images and making your stories and poems more powerful and vivid.

What is word choice in communication?

A word choice is an important part of any communication. It is a manner in which something is expressed in words. The choice of words is the style of expression. A person, in general, chooses words to which he feels comfortable, confident, and simple enough for a general audience to understand.

How do you describe diction in literature?

Diction is the careful selection of words to communicate a message or establish a particular voice or writing style. For example, flowy, figurative language creates colorful prose, while a more formal vocabulary with concise and direct language can help drive home a point.

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How do you identify word choices?

Fast Facts: Six Principles of Word Choice for Composition Choose understandable words. Use specific, precise words. Choose strong words. Emphasize positive words. Avoid overused words. Avoid obsolete words.

What is the verb of choice?

choose. To pick; to make the choice of; to select. To elect. To decide to act in a certain way.

What is difference between option and choice?

Options are the things and choices are our decision. In other words, option is a noun for a thing and choice is a noun for your decision. They can both be used as verbs “to choose” and “to opt”, but to say “I opt” is quiet rare.

What is another word for making a choice?

What is another word for making a choice?

choosing choice
election picking
selecting selection
culling deciding
electing option

What is author’s word choice?

What Is Diction? Diction refers to a writer’s purposeful word choice. Along with syntax, diction can be used to create tone and imagery in creative writing. Think about your writing’s purpose and the message you want to convey.

How do you explain diction in a poem?

Diction is simply the words the writer chooses to convey a particular meaning. When analyzing diction, look for specific words or short phrases that seem stronger than the others (ex. Bragg’s use of slingshot instead of travel). Diction is NEVER the entire sentence!

What is the importance of word choice in creating speeches?

Word choice is an important part of any type of writing-especially content writing. Selecting precise words will help you increase the impact you create on your audience. The best writing creates a vivid picture in the reader’s mind. Well-selected words appeal to the senses.

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