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Latin kings literature?

What are the 5 points of Latin Kings?

Central to the Latin King philosophy are the symbols such as the five point crown which represents, Love, Respect, Sacrifice, Honor, and Obedience.

What are Latin Kings known for?

The Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation (ALKQN, ALKN, or LKN) is the largest Hispanic and Latino street gang worldwide. The gang was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1954. Latin Kings (gang)

Latin Kings flag
Founded 1954
Activities Drug trafficking, assault, burglary, homicide, identity theft and money laundering

What is the Latin King oath?

which stands for “Terminate On Sight” and means you will forever be a target for any and every active Latin King. That code is enforced. If you’re active, and there’s a T.O.S. in your circle and you let him live, you become a T.O.S.

What does 360 mean Latin Kings?

Another common identifier of the Latin Kings is “ 360.” 360 degrees represents the circumference of a circle, never ending and strong, meaning that, as a gang, they are whole and unbreakable.

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Do Latin Kings wear red?

Latin Kings: Black, gold, red, ADR (Amor De Rey “Love to the King”), crowns, Detroit Lions.

What rappers are Latin Kings?

The members of the group are the lead rapper Dogge Doggelito ( Douglas Léon ) and the two brothers, Salla and Chepe. They all have roots in Latin America (Venezuela and Chile), which is why they took their name from the gang Latin Kings.

Where is King Blood now?

Luis Felipe (gang leader)

Luis Felipe
Born May 11, 1962 Havana, Cuba
Other names King Blood
Occupation Former street gang leader
Criminal status Imprisoned at ADX Florence supermax prison in Fremont County, Colorado

What is a Satan’s disciple?

The ” Satan’s Disciples ” (SD’s) have a 25-year history as a predominantly Hispanic gang originating from Chicago. It typifies many of the older traditional Chicago-based gangs in respect to being basically an adult-run criminal enterprise that makes extensive use of juveniles in its drug distribution operations.

Where did Latin Kings originate?

What does the 5 point crown stand for?

Central to the Latin King philosophy are the symbols such as the five point crown which represents, Love, Respect, Sacrifice, Honor, and Obedience. The crown tattoo will often be accompanied by the letters ALKN, which means Almighty Latin Kings Nation.

What does Amor de rey mean?

Additionally, Latin Kings often mention “ amor de rey,” ( meaning “love of the king” in Spanish), “ amor,” or “ADR” in conversation. Typically, these phrases are used at the beginning and end of conversations between members to affirm their commitment to the gang.

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Are Four Corner Hustlers Vice Lords?

The Four Corner Hustlers (4CH) is an African American street gang founded in the West Garfield Park neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago in the 1960s by Walter Wheat and Freddy Gauge. The gang colors are black and red and black and gold, serving under Vice Lords.

What does Ñeta mean?

la neta = the truth (or more accurately “the nature of things” it also has the connotation of, “that is the way life is”) It is very commonly used among Mexicans.

What does the black bandana mean?

“Blood” gangs generally use red accessories, such as caps or bandanas, to identify themselves. Green can either mean the gang member is declaring neutrality for the moment or is a drug dealer. Black is worn by some Hispanic gangs and Heavy Metal Anglo gangs. Other common gang colors include brown or purple.

What does ADR stand for in Latin Kings?

Latin Kings often greeted one another, demonstrated their allegiance to the gang, or announced their arrival or presence in a particular area by exclaiming “ADR” or ” Amor De Rey,” which means “King’s Love” in Spanish,” prosecutors wrote.

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