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Grotesque in literature?

What is an example of grotesque?

Grotesque is defined as repulsively ugly or shocking. A very ugly, scary mask is an example of a grotesque mask. When someone tells a really ridiculous lie, this is an example of a grotesque lie.

What is a grotesque?

The word grotesque is used as an adjective in literature meaning strange, ugly, unpleasant, fantastic, or disgusting. It is often used to describe weird shapes, or distorted forms, like Halloween masks. Another name for a grotesque, is a chimera.

What is the purpose of a grotesque?

Both gargoyles and grotesques have been attributed with the power to ward off evil spirits, guarding the buildings they occupy and protecting those inside.

Who is a grotesque character?

In fiction, characters are usually considered grotesque if they induce both empathy and disgust. (A character who inspires disgust alone is simply a villain or a monster.) Obvious examples would include the physically deformed and the mentally deficient, but people with cringe-worthy social traits are also included.

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What is the best definition of grotesque?

adjective. odd or unnatural in shape, appearance, or character; fantastically ugly or absurd; bizarre. fantastic in the shaping and combination of forms, as in decorative work combining incongruous human and animal figures with scrolls, foliage, etc.

What part of speech is grotesque?


part of speech: adjective
related words: baroque, burlesque, gruesome, monstrous, peculiar, unsightly, weird
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: one that is grotesque. similar words: freak, gargoyle

Why are gargoyles grotesque?

In architecture, and specifically in Gothic architecture, a gargoyle (/ˈɡɑːrɡɔɪl/) is a carved or formed grotesque with a spout designed to convey water from a roof and away from the side of a building, thereby preventing rainwater from running down masonry walls and eroding the mortar between.

How do you use grotesque in a sentence?

Grotesque sentence example It was something grotesque, but definitely not a skeleton. Lovely incrustations alternate with queer and grotesque figures. The work is highly imaginative and often grotesque, but it is pervaded by an unusually high ethical enthusiasm.

What does grotesque mean in art?

Grotesque, in architecture and decorative art, fanciful mural or sculptural decoration involving mixed animal, human, and plant forms. The word is derived from the Italian grotteschi, referring to the grottoes in which these decorations were found c.

What is Southern grotesque literature?

Southern Gothic is a mode or genre prevalent in literature from the early 19th century to this day. Characteristics of Southern Gothic include the presence of irrational, horrific, and transgressive thoughts, desires, and impulses; grotesque characters; dark humor, and an overall angst-ridden sense of alienation.

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Where does the word grotesque come from?

The word grotesque comes from the same Latin root as “grotto”, which originated from Greek krypte “hidden place”, meaning a small cave or hollow. The original meaning was restricted to an extravagant style of Ancient Roman decorative art rediscovered and then copied in Rome at the end of the 15th century.

What is grotesque imagery?

They suggested that grotesque imagery —which they characterized as ‘bizarre’, ‘surreal’, ‘deviant’, ‘absurd’, ‘peculiar’, ‘odd’, and ‘discrepant’—could induce engagement in ads by transporting viewers to and immersing them in the story worlds those ads depicted.

What elements of a good man is hard to find would you describe as grotesque?

O ‘Connor ‘s work in A Good Man is Hard to Find uses grotesque elements, twisted southern stereotypes, and ironic events to highlight the social and moral issues of the Christ- Haunted South. O ‘Connor refers to the South as Christ-haunted because she sees that society is no longer …show more content…

What is a synonym for grotesque?

SYNONYMS. malformed, deformed, misshapen, misproportioned, distorted, twisted, gnarled, mangled, mutilated. ugly, unsightly, monstrous, hideous. freakish, unnatural, abnormal, bizarre, outlandish, strange, odd, peculiar. fantastic, fanciful, whimsical.

What is the uncanny in Gothic literature?

Sigmund Freud wrote a celebrated essay on ‘The Uncanny ‘ (1919), which he defined as ‘that class of the frightening which leads back to what is known of old and long familiar’. Gothic novels are full of such uncanny effects – simultaneously frightening, unfamiliar and yet also strangely familiar.

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