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Sailor moon poem?

Why was Sailor Moon banned?

Besides nudity, the American version of Sailor Moon really wanted to censor violence since they were marketing to a younger audience. However, in the two part finale of the first season, “Day of Destiny,” there was a lot of death. In fact, all of the Sailor Scouts die in the original version and then get resurrected.

Who does Sailor Moon have a crush on?

Tuxedo Mask is the alter ego of Darien Chiba (english name ) Mamoru Chiba (japenese name) in the anime/manga, Sailor Moon, and the romantic love interest of Usagi Tsukino(Sailor Moon), and later sweetheart, lover, and boyfriend of the main character.

Is Seiya in love with Usagi?

Seiya quickly falls for Usagi. She does develop feelings for Seiya, and though they’re never an item, their interactions are so romantic it’s heartwrenching at times. Seiya treats Usagi with such reverence and love; he’s the perfect S.O.

Is Luna a girl or boy Sailor Moon?

Luna (manga)

Luna ルナ
Gender: Female
Species: Alien from Mau
First Appearance
Manga: Act 1 Usagi – Sailor Moon
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Does Sailor Chibi Moon die?

Sailor Chibi Moon dies in Usagi’s arms, as she failed to persuade Mamoru to remember her and Usagi.

Did Usagi and Mamoru sleep together?

10 They Sleep In The Same Bed

But in the manga, they’re in a romantic relationship, and that relationship is pretty intense. While it’s never explicit on the page, they’re clearly intimate to the point of practically living together.

Why did Uranus kiss Sailor Moon?

The third episode ends with Sailor Uranus kissing Sailor Moon after warning her to not get in her way and to stay out of danger. This kiss is something that confuses and distresses her, much like real sexual assault would, because… it’s sexual assault.

Does Sailor Moon get married?

2 They get married onscreen, eventually

While Sailor Moon R showed us visions of Usagi’s wedding day, the event didn’t happen for real until 2004, in the live-action version Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

Who does Usagi marry?

After dating for two years, Mamoru gives Usagi an engagement ring at an airport. Six years later, Mamoru and Usagi marry. In the future, they become king and queen and have a child together whom they name “Small Lady”, known in the majority of the series as “Chibiusa”.

Why is Tuxedo Mask so useless?

As for his initial personality, they explained that his Mamoru personality was being subsumed by his Tuxedo Mask persona, causing him to sleep little. When he thought he was sleeping, he was actually out fighting monsters. That would make anyone cranky.

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How old is Usagi in Sailor Moon?

It’s less creepy later on when Mamoru is 19 and Usagi is 16 — although that’s still a bit uncomfortably close to age of being unable to consent — but at the start of the series, Mamoru is a 17-year-old college student (according to the manga) and Usagi is a 14-year-old middle school student.

How did Sailor Moon die?

Sailor Moon (in the form of Princess Serenity) was killed along with Tuxedo Mask (as Prince Endymion) by Queen Beryl and a powerful blast by the monster who would later be sealed in the seven Rainbow Crystals.

Does Luna turn human?

In the anime, it is never suggested that the cats are anything but cats, and only Luna ever transforms into a human. In Act 41 of the manga, however, Sailor Moon’s power causes her companions to revert to their true forms.

Is Sailor Moon kid friendly?

Yes, Sailor Moon is very kid friendly in the original dub. The original dub was made with kids in mind with each episode ending with a “Sailor Says”, which is to help teach kids the moral of the episode (usually about friendship, standing up for what’s right, etc).

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