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Readers ask: Which statement expresses the theme of this poem best?

Which statement best expresses the poem theme?

Central idea expresses the theme of the poem.

Which statement is a theme of the poem?

Theme is the lesson about life or statement about human nature that the poem expresses. To determine theme, start by figuring out the main idea. Then keep looking around the poem for details such as the structure, sounds, word choice, and any poetic devices.

Which statement best expresses the theme of this poem Ozymandias?

Explanation: The statement that best expresses the theme of the poemOzymandias” is Power and greatness will not last forever.

Which statement best expresses the theme of this poem I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud?

Answer: B) Nature enriches us through memory even when we are far from it. Explanation: The question is from William Wordsworth’s I Wondered Lonely as a Cloud.

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Which two statements best defines the theme of poetry?

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The correct answers are A and D. A theme is the main message of a literary work, be it a poem, a novel, or a play. What the author is trying to convey, as well as what the main topic is, makes the theme of that particular literary work.

What is the theme of Ozymandias?

The major theme behind “Ozymandias” is that all power is temporary, no matter how prideful or tyrannical a ruler is. Ramesses II was one of the ancient world’s most powerful rulers.

What is theme of a story?

A literary theme is the main idea or underlying meaning a writer explores in a novel, short story, or other literary work. The theme of a story can be conveyed using characters, setting, dialogue, plot, or a combination of all of these elements.

What is the message of this poem?

Meaning is the word referring comprehensively to the ideas expressed within the poem – the poem’s sense or message. When understanding poetry, we frequently use the words idea, theme, motif, and meaning.

What theme means?

1a: a subject or topic of discourse or of artistic representation guilt and punishment is the theme of the story. b: a specific and distinctive quality, characteristic, or concern the campaign has lacked a theme. 2: a melodic subject of a musical composition or movement.

What is the irony in Ozymandias?

The irony is situational. The point of the statue is to emphasize the greatness of the Pharaoh and the way his works and his fame, like the stone of the statue, will endure forever. That expectation is reflected in the inscription: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!

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Which of these best describes a theme of this poem Old Ironsides?

Answer: The correct answer is C) pride in battle and death. Explanation: In Old Ironsides, Oliver Wendel Holmes is speaking about a battleship that has reached the end of its career.

What is the best summation of the theme of the poem Ozymandias?

In Ozymandias, what is the best summation of the theme of the poem? Excessive pride or an inflated sense of self based on our accomplishments is absurd: nothing remains. – is the best summation of the theme of the poem. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

What is a theme of I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud Brainly?

Answer. The central theme of ‘I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud‘ (Also known as ‘Daffodils‘) is Happiness. It is a poem that just makes you feel good about your life. It says that even when you are alone and lonely and missing your friends, you can use your imagination to find new friends in the world.

Who is the speaker in the poem I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud?

The only human character in the poem “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” by William Wordsworth is the speaker, who is an alter-ego of the poet himself. Through personification, the daffodils themselves and the waves of the lake become characters in the poem.

Which is the bliss of solitude figurative language?

The poem speaks of finding a field of daffodils beside a lake, “which is the bliss of solitude” and the thought of this memory makes him eternally happy. The reverse personification of the speaker creates a metaphor of comparing himself to a cloud, which creates a fundamental unity between nature and man.

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