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Readers ask: The patriot poem?

What is the poem The Patriot about?

In this poem, Browning talks about Politics, Patriotism, Religious faith, and the harsh reality of the leaders who are true to their sense of patriotism. The poem is a monologue of this ‘patriot speaker’ who narrates his tale to us as he has been taken to the scaffold to be executed publicly for his ‘misdeeds’.

Is the poet of the patriot?

The Patriot is Robert Browning’s one of the famous dramatic monologues. Just as in the poems, My Last Duchess or The Last Ride Together in this poem the poet uses a single speaker. In this poem The Patriot, Browning presents a patriot to talks about the change of his fortune within a single year.

What is the form of the poem The Patriot?

“The Patriot” is a poem comprising 6 stanzas. Each stanza consists of 5 lines and its rhyming pattern is ababa. It is a dramatic monologue. Dramatic monologue is a literary device in which a character freely gives vent to his feelings in front of the audience in order to reveal the inner working of his mind.

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What is the irony in the poem The Patriot?

Answer: The irony In the poem “The Patriot“.. The Patriot wasn’t been awarded by God,God would not cared of him But as he was betrayed and deserted By the same people who had given him a magnificent welcome..

How was the patriot made to suffer?

(v) The patriot is punished for a certain ‘misdeed’ that he did, which made all the people turn against him. Seeing the same people who once loved him, a year ago, now hating him, and wanting him to be executed, makes him sad.

What does Myrtle symbolize in the patriot?

Myrtle: It is a symbol of purity, love, innocence and generosity. Spires: A symbol for hopeful gestures and strength. Sun: The sun stands for something which is unreachable or beyond access. Palsied: This word indicates annoyance and the sufferings of the people.

Why is his path filled with roses?

The Patriot ‘s path was filled with roses because he was welcomed by the citizens of the town. He had done something which other people couldn’t do for the town which made the citizens of the town very happy and proud of the Patriot for his deed.

Why was the Patriot welcomed as a hero?

The patriot was welcomed because he had won a grand victory. He did whatever he could do for his countrymen. And he did his best. He was welcomed like a hero.

What does patriot mean?

By definition, it means “one who loves and supports his or her country,” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. One expert told CNN calling someone a “patriot” brings with it a higher level of pride and respect, putting a person on par with the founders of this country who are seen as the original patriots.

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What does Patriots mean in history?

Patriots (also known as Revolutionaries, Continentals, Rebels, or American Whigs) were those colonists of the Thirteen Colonies who rejected British rule during the American Revolution and declared the United States of America as an independent nation in July 1776.

What does the word alack signify in the poem patriot?

(i) The people loved and trusted the patriot so much that they were instantly ready to fetch the sun for him. But he loved his people so much that it was he who leaped for it and presented it to them, i.e., he did the impossible, what no man could do. The wordAlack‘ shows a tone of regret.

Who is the speaker in the poem patriot?

The Patriot is a dramatic monologue written by the renowned English poet and playwright Robert Browning. The speaker of the poem is a patriot. The poem is a monologue of this ‘patriot speaker’ who narrates his tale to us as he has been taken to the scaffold to be executed publicly for his ‘misdeeds’.

Why was the Patriot being taken to the shamble gate?

Answer. The patriot was taken to the gallows for some so called misdeeds people think he had done. When he was taken to the shambles gate it was raining and the patriot’s hands were tied with rope so tightly that it cutted his wrists of both the hands.

Why does the Patriot consider himself safe at last?

The patriot feels safe in the bosom of God. He feels that if he had died a year ago (when he was welcomed as a hero), God would not have cared for him but now when he has not been rewarded by his people, he was certain to be rewarded in heaven. So, he feels safer now to surely go to heaven and win God’s grace there.

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Why did the air broke into a mist?

According to the patriot, the air broke into a mist with bells meaning that the sound of the bells (which were ringing in the honour of his victory). The cries of joy were so loud that they shook the walls of the houses.

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