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Readers ask: The devil and tom walker poem?

What is the message in The Devil and Tom Walker?

“The Devil and Tom Walker” contains a moral allegory that offers a warning against greed and the pursuit of earthly gain. In this story, sinful behavior is met with punishment, and the devil controls the souls of those driven by wealth.

What is the moral of the Devil and Tom Walker?

The moral in “The Devil in Tom Walker” is that if you sell your soul to the devil to get what you want, it will end up destroying you. When we say “sell your soul” it is usually a metaphor.

How does the Devil and Tom Walker end?

“The Devil and Tom Walkerends when Tom is shouting at his customer, whom he’s about to ruin financially to make a profit for himself, even though they are supposed to be friends.

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What does the heart and liver symbolize in The Devil and Tom Walker?

Walker is a fearless, abusive, termagant. Her two main sins are wrath and lust. She had her liver and heart ripped by the devil and was snatched to hell. Yes, heart represents emotion, life, and love.

Is Tom Walker greedy?

Tom Walker is slightly cleverer in his dealings with the devil, but greed rules him as well. His desire for money is much stronger than his desire for almost anything else. There is only one moral line that Tom will not cross: slave trading.

What do the trees symbolize in The Devil and Tom Walker?

The trees of the wooded and swamp area symbolized the land owners, slave drivers, and colonists that have taken the land from the Native Americans. They were all sinners that had made deals with the devil for their own greed and material desires. The trees fell when the men’s souls were claimed and taken by the devil.

What human flaw does Tom Walker and his wife represent?

Tom and his wife are both miserly, grasping, mean-spirited, and without conscience. What bargain does Tom make with the stranger in the forest? In exchange for the pirate’s treasure, Tom becomes a usurer. It is implied that the Devil will get his soul.

Why does Tom walk through the swamp on the way home one day?

The swamp itself represents the world and all its moral corruption. In Washington Irving’s short story, “The Devil and Tom Walker,” Tom comes to find himself in the swamp. Upon his way home, from a “distant part of the neighborhood,” Tom decides to take a shortcut through the swamp.

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Why does Tom initially refuse the devil’s bargain?

Why does Tom initially refuse the devil’s bargain? It is after he gets home and tells his wife about the incident. However Tom might have felt disposed to sell himself to the devil, he was determined not to do so to contradict his wife. So, just to spite her, Tom refuses.

Who is the black man in the Devil and Tom Walker?

The “black man” is the Devil, although in the context of this story he goes by the name of Old Scratch, or the Black Woodsman.

How does Tom meet the devil?

Tom Walker initially encounters the devil as he sits on the trunk of a hemlock near what was once an Indian fort. Later in the story, Tom meets up with “Old Scratch” when he returns to the forest to learn what has happened to his wife. The Devil is “sauntering along the swamp,” close to the first location.

What is the job that is too distasteful for even Tom Walker?

Slave trading is the sin that’s too distasteful for Tom.

What does the Indian fort symbolize?

The Devil and Tom Walker – Emblems / Symbols:

The Indian Fort=cultural attitudes toward Native Americans, since this is where “Indians” made sacrifices to the Devil, one can infer that the Native Americans were regarded as savages. The Devil = evil, temptation, and the road to hell.

What do you suppose were Deacon Peabody’s sins after your answer cite a line from the story that supports your opinion?

5. What, do you suppose, were Deacon Peabody’s sins? After your answer, cite a line from the story that supports your opinion. His sins were the taking advantage of the Indians.

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