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Readers ask: Poem two roads diverged in a wood?

What is the true meaning of the poem The Road Not Taken?

“The Road Not Taken” is an ambiguous poem that allows the reader to think about choices in life, whether to go with the mainstream or go it alone. If life is a journey, this poem highlights those times in life when a decision has to be made.

Where are two roads diverged?

The two roads are not real roads but are a metaphor for a problem the speaker, presumably Robert Frost himself, encountered at a certain stage in his life. He was traveling, metaphorically, on a single road which diverged in a “yellow wood.” He had to choose one road or the other.

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What is the meaning of the poem Two roads diverged?

Frost’s poem is about life and the difficult choices within it, and that we all must make. As a character, he speaks of his own trial and decision, along with its outcome, but offers up the choice of the two to others, and is what makes this poem so magical.

What poem begins two roads diverged in a yellow wood and sorry I could not travel both?

robert frost’s most famous poem begins thus: “two roads diverged in a yellow wood, / and sorry I could not travel both ” Choose the option that best corrects the sentence.

What do the roads symbolize?

The two roads symbolize the choices that one has to make in life. It is very important to make the right choice because we can never retrace our path and go back. One road would lead on to another and there is no coming back.

What is the mood of the poem The Road Not Taken?

The mood or tone of Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” can perhaps be best described by the word nostalgia. It means looking back on the past with sentimental emotions. The poem can be profitably compared with Shakespeare’s famous sonnet #30 which begins with the following lines.

At what point did the roads diverge?

The roads diverged in the yellow wood.

What is the figure of speech in the poem The Road Not Taken?

Answer: The figure of speech used in the poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost are: Metaphor, Alliteration and Personification. Explanation: The metaphor is hidden in the form of choices the poet has to made. He is struck in the crossroads of his life where he have to make decision of which road he has to take.

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What do the two roads symbolize in the poem What is the significance of choosing a road?

What is the significance of choosing a road? Answer: The two roads that the poet-traveller faces in his walk or journey are symbolic of the choices that we have to encounter in our life. In the poem the poet, after prolonged thought, decides to take the road less travelled, accepting its challenges and uncertainties.

How are the two roads described in the poem?

Answer. The poet (Robert Frost) observed the two roads carefully as much as he can and then he described the first road as most used road by people and it was muddy but where as in the second case(road) it is grazy and ‘wanted a wear ‘.

What does the yellow wood mean?

1: any of various trees having yellowish wood or yielding a yellow extract especially: a leguminous tree (Cladrastis lutea) of the southern U.S. having showy white fragrant flowers and yielding a yellow dye. 2: the wood of a yellowwood tree.

Why did the speaker feel sorry in the beginning of the poem The Road Not Taken What was his plan for another day?

In the poemThe Road Not Taken,” the poet feels sorry for the road which he didn’t choose to go to. The dilemma in which the poet fell was to choose between two roads. He had the option of choosing only one. He wanted to choose both the paths but was not permitted to do so.

What do yellow wood represent?

The yellow woods represents the season of autumn. Autumn also stands for old age and inactivity. The poet could be symbolically talking about his later stages of life when he finds it hard to take a decision. (ii) it was grassy and wanted wear: It means that the road was covered with grass.

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