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Readers ask: Poem but you didn t?

Who wrote but you didn’t poem?

One Of The Most Beautiful Love Stories Ever Told — “But You Didn’t” by Merrill Glass. The author of this poem was an American woman, Merrill Glass, whose husband was drafted into the army and later died in battle.

What is the theme of the poem but you didn t?

Merrill Glass’s poem about losing her lover to war reminds us the importance of openly sharing your feelings for the one you love when you‘re together, because the future can be so uncertain.

When was Merrill Glass born?

Betty Livingston of Dayton; two brothers Frank Glass of Knoxville, TN and Bascom Glass of Pacolet, SC; three sisters, Mrs.

Elva Merrill Glass Barnett.

Birth 1 Jul 1911 Blackwater, Lee County, Virginia, USA
Death 31 Oct 1985 (aged 74) Bellbrook, Greene County, Ohio, USA

What is mean by didn t?

: did not.

How do you identify poetic techniques?

Here are just a few methods used by poets to create their masterpieces:

  1. #1- Rhyming. Rhyming is the most obvious poetic technique used.
  2. #2- Repetition. Repetition involves repeating a line or a word several times in a poem.
  3. #3- Onomatopoeia.
  4. #4- Alliteration.
  5. #5- Assonance.
  6. #6- Simile.
  7. #7- Metaphor.
  8. #8- Hyperbole.
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Is didn’t past tense?

We use didn’t (did not) to make a negative sentence in the past tense. This is for regular AND irregular verbs in English. The main verb (live in the example above) is in its base form (of the infinitive). The auxiliary DIDN’T shows that the sentence is negative AND in the past tense.

Did not have or had?

3 Answers. “I didn’t have breakfast” is correct. After the auxiliary verb DO, we use the bare infinitive of the full verb, not a tensed form. “I didn’t had breakfast” is wrong.

How do you spell hasn t?

Correct spelling for the English word “hasn’t” is [hˈazənt], [hˈazənt], [h_ˈa_z_ə_n_t] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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