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Readers ask: Lochinvar poem questions and answers?

What is the poem Lochinvar about?

Lochinvar is a brave knight who arrives unannounced at the bridal feast of Ellen, his beloved, who is about to be married to “a laggard in love and a dastard in war.” Lochinvar claims one dance with the bride and dances her out the door, swooping her up onto his horse, and they ride off together into the unknown.

What are the qualities of Lochinvar described by the poet?

1. Confident as he is carrying only one sword without a shield or any other weapon and also didnt take his army for help which is signifying that he is confident enough on his skills of sword fighting. 3. Valiant: He is so valiant that no obstacle or hardship could save him from reaching the desired goal.

Who was Lochinvar why did he ride to Netherby Hall?

Answer: Lochinvar was hurrying to reach nether by hall as the wedding for Lochinvar’s love – Ellen was happening at Netherby Hall. His purpose was to stop that wedding but not to make a mess. He wanted to tell his feelings to his lover before she gets married.

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How did Lochinvar win Ellen for himself?

Ellen agreed to marry another person so Lochinvar came to won his love. He assured Ellen and his family that he came here to celebrate Ellen’s marriage celebration. After some time Ellen offered a glass of wine to him, he drunk and threw the glass with anger. Later Lochinvar offered her a final dance and she agreed.

What type of poem is Lochinvar?

The poemLochinvar‘ is a highly romantic, free-standing poem in Canto V of the ballad ‘Marmion’. The poem is written by Sir Walter Scott and is set in medieval times in the border country of Scotland and England.

What does Lochinvar mean?

The name Lochinvar is from Scots Gaelic Loch a’ bharra (older Gaelic Loch an bharra, the genitive of barr = summit) meaning “Loch on the hilltop”.

Who was Lochinvar in conflict with?

He is in conflict with Ellen’s family, and he resolves it by carrying Ellen away from her wedding. The conflict that happens in Sir Walter Scott’s poem is between Lochinvar and his lover’s family, Ellen’s.

What qualities do you admire in Lochinvar?

What qualities do you admire in Lochinvar? Ans.: — Brave, courageous — Rode alone unarmed — Faithful in love — dauntless in war. 1 1 2 10. — His name would be linked with self-help, truth and modesty.

What is the climax of Lochinvar?

1 Expert Answer

because The climax of the poem is paragraph 4 where the bride concedes to marry Lochinvar when, “She look’d down to blush, and she look’d up to sigh, The poem begins by defining the character of Lochinvar and exposing the triumphs and shortcomings of the valiant knight.

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What did the bride maidens whisper?

Answer: Seeing Lochinvar and Ellen dance together very gracefully, the bridemaidens whispered that it would have been immensely better if their fair cousin had-been matched with young Lochinvar.

How did Lochinvar steal away the bride?

He used this as an excuse to read her close to the door where his warhorse was waiting. Once at the door he whispered something into her ear and then took off with Ellen at such speed that the supporters of the Netherby clan couldn’t catch up with them. Lochinvar finally managed to win Ellen as his bride.

Where was Lochinvar going?

Ans: Lochinvar was going to the Netherby hall in marriage ceremony of fair Ellen. Lochinvar loves Ellen but Ellen’s father has forced Ellen to marry somebody else. Ellen,that day is getting married at the Netherby Hall. So,Lochinvar is in a hurry to reach there.

Why does the poet say the gallant came late?

The bride had consented, the gallant came late: For a laggard in love, and a dastard in war, Was to wed the fair Ellen of brave Lochinvar.

What qualities of Lochinvar are highlighted in the first stanza?

In the first stanza Lochinvar just came out from the west border. He didn’t have any weapons and he rode unarmed and all alone. Lochinvar’s character has also been described as faithful in love and dauntless in war. And also his horse was the best.

What other lies does Lochinvar tell Ellen’s father?

The lie that Lochinvar told to Ellen’s Father that allowed him to dance with Ellen is: Lochinvar claims to no longer to love Ellen.

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