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Readers ask: Frost poem apple picking?

What is the major theme of the poem after apple picking?

1 Expert Answer. One prominent theme in Robert Frost’s “After Apple Picking” is the cycle of life and death. Frost opens the poem with the image of an apple orchard — such rural New England imagery is prominent in his poetry.

What is the symbolic meaning of after apple picking?

After Apple Picking” is a poem about life and death, the veil that separates these, and the connection between death and sleep. Its key symbol, the apple, is one which has represented life in many cultures—the apple recalls the Norse golden apples of Idun, which the gods must eat in order to remain young and immortal.

How does Frost depict human reactions to nature in the poem after apple picking?

Robert Frost uses nature at its most beautiful to explain life at its harshest. In Robert Frost’s poem, “After ApplePicking,” the reader comes to know an old man who has worked harvesting apples his entire life. By using the senses of smell, touch, and even sight, Frost lets nature ease the old man into rest.

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Why does the poet say that he is done with apple picking?

Answer: The poet say that he is done with applepicking because he has spent sleepless nights.

What does the empty barrel signify in after apple picking?

After Apple Picking” is a highly symbolic poem by Robert Frost. The most suggestive symbol is empty barrel. Literally, an empty barrel means “an unfilled container” but symbolically it signifies the unfulfilled human desires, the greediness of the people and the hope for bright future.

What is the speaker’s attitude in after apple picking?

The speaker’s overwhelming state of mind in “After ApplePicking” is tired and reflective. He was already tired in the beginning of the day when he took a drink and is even more exhausted after a long day spent picking apples. Physically, he is sore and worn out.

Is after apple picking about death?

The very situation of the poem, a surcease from picking apples, recalls the Garden of Eden from which, after the apple was picked (and eaten), man was expelled into a world of sin and death. The speaker affirms that he was “well” on his way to sleep even before his morning venture with the sheet of ice.

Who is the speaker in the poem after apple picking?

Although it’s entirely possibly that the speaker is a hired laborer or that he’s just a guy who’s helping out his buddy down the road, our best guess is that the speaker is a man who lives on a farm with an orchard.

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What does the phrase winter sleep in line 7 symbolize?

The phrasewinter sleepsymbolizes an ending – to the apple-picking season, to the harvest itself, and quite possibly, the death of the apple picker.

What is suggested by the speaker statement that he is overtired?

He is no longer sure that the things he has valued and has pursued are really worth the effort he has put into chasing them. This makes sense if you read the poem as a metaphor for the pursuit of worldly glory or wealth or success. The speaker is saying that he has been working hard, chasing these things.

What does an apple represent?

It can mean love, knowledge, wisdom, joy, death, and/or luxury. The apple could be an erotic association with a woman’s BREASTS, with the core sliced in half representing the vulva. In Greek mythology, the apple appears repeatedly; Hera received an apple as a symbol of fertility upon her engagement to Zeus.

How does the poet convey so vividly the experience of apple picking?

In the poem the speaker talks of his feet hurting from too many hours on the ladder, and how he cherishes each apple before he adds it to his bucket. Talking of these adds a vivid picture to the readers mind of what applepicking looks and feels like.

Why does the poet’s instep arch ache?

The speaker feels not only the ache from the ladder on his foot, which would be natural to feel later in the day. He also feels the continuing pressure of the ladder, as if he were still standing on it. The ladder sways against the bending branches of the apple tree as there are too many apples.

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