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Readers ask: Dover beach poem theme?

What is the theme of Dover Beach quizlet?

What is the theme of this poem? The world is not as beautiful as it seems.

How is the theme of loss of faith shown in Dover Beach?

According to the poem, the decline of faith has a number of negative effects. Indirectly, the poem implies the desperate state of the world in the final stanza is a result of the retreating “Sea of Faith.” Because faith has been lost, the world has lost joy, love, light, certitude, peace, and healing.

Which themes match the given lines from the poem Dover Beach?

Ans: The loss of faith.

What is the tone of Dover Beach poem?

The Poem Analysis. Matthew Arnold achieves a lonely tone in the poemDover Beach, ” through the use of imagery, simile, and personification. The poem begins with a simple statement: “the sea is calm tonight”.

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What do the pebbles symbolize in Dover Beach?

The eternal note of sadness in. The pebbles may be thought of as people, or as their faith, going through cycles of “high” and “low” times, but never escaping them, and always being subject to outside influences over which they have no control. This strikes the speaker as a commentary on human misery.

Who is Dover Beach addressed to?

The person addressed in the poem—lines 6, 9, and 29—is Matthew Arnold’s wife, Frances Lucy Wightman. However, since the poem expresses a universal message, one may say that she can be any woman listening to the observations of any man.

What is the main idea of Dover Beach?

In this poem Dover Beach Poem, Arnold expresses his grief and lament for the rapid and inevitable decline in religious faith in the mid-1800s. Arnold mourns a society that has lost its cultural, moral and spiritual significance, giving rise to cruelty, deception, uncertainty, and hopelessness.

Why would you call Dover Beach a natural poem?

Answer: “Dover Beachcould be called a nature poem because it provides beautiful images of nature in its first stanza. “Dover Beach” also uses nature as a metaphor for human misery and the ebbing of faith and actually ends with a lament that has moved far beyond the natural world.

What is the conflict in Dover Beach?

The poem is about how there is a conflict between religion and science and how the world is losing faith in God and how the only things that can fill the void that faith once filled is loyalty, comfort, and love.

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Who is Sophocles in Dover Beach?

Sophocles was a Greek tragic dramatist. His popular tragedies are Oedipus Rex, Antigone, Ajax etc. Sophocles, in his famous tragedy, “Antigone” refers that he heard the “turbid ebb and flow/ of human misery” in Aegean sea, a part of Mediterranean sea.

What is the best tone of Dover Beach?

Matthew Arnold achieves a lonely tone in the poem “Dover Beach, ” through the use of imagery, simile, and personification. The poem begins with a simple statement: “the sea is calm tonight”. At this early moment this is as yet nothing but a statement, waiting for the rest of the work to give it meaning.

What is the mood of Dover Beach?

Matthew Arnold’s 1867 lyric poem ”Dover Beach” predominately imparts a mood of somber, reflective melancholy.

What does the poem Dover Beach say about love?

In the final stanza, the speaker says that he and his beloved should be true to one another, but for the bleakest of reasons: they must love one another because there is no God to love them, nor is there “joy, nor love, nor light, / Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain” in the faithless world.

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