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Quick Answer: Why does the poem begin with the trojan war?

Why do you suppose the poem begins with a reference to Troy?

Why do you suppose the poem begins with a reference to Troy? (What did the 14th- century British people mistakenly believe about their ancestors?) Because Troy was a band of different states, so there is all the knights at the round table.

What has to happen before the feast can begin?

What has to happen before the feast can begin? Someone has to tell a true and interesting story. You just studied 14 terms!

What is ironic about the Knights initial response to the Green Knight’s challenge?

What is ironic about the knightsinitial response to the Green Knight’s challenge? The knights are supposed to be brave and can never refuse a challenge from an equal, yet they are afraid of the Knight’s challenge. What arguments does Gawain finally use in asking to be given the challenge?

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What does the Pentangle stand for?

The pentangle symbolizes the virtues to which Gawain aspires: to be faultless in his five senses; never to fail in his five fingers; to be faithful to the five wounds that Christ received on the cross; to be strengthened by the five joys that the Virgin Mary had in Jesus (the Annunciation, Nativity, Resurrection,

What bargain does the Green Knight strike with Gawain?

Relieved and grateful, Gawain agrees. Now the lord proposes a bargain: he goes hunting every day, and he will give Gawain whatever he catches on the condition that Gawain give him whatever he may gain during the day. Gawain accepts.

What game does the Green Knight propose?

The Green Knight proposes a game: Any knight brave enough to strike off the Green Knight’s head may keep the Green Knight’s ax, but that man must accept a return stroke in one year. Gawain accepts the challenge and cuts off the Green Knight’s head.

What did the Knight carry in his hand as he arrived?

Explain. Describe the Green Knight as he “sprang through the door.” What does the Green Knight carry in each hand when he arrives? To take a swing w/ an axe at him and one year later Gawain would have to find him at the Green Chapel and he will do the same to hi. He couldn’t surprise him.

What has to happen before King Arthur will eat dinner at the New Year’s feast?

At first, he waits for his guests to be served before he eats: “But Arthur would not eat till all were served” (line 85). In reality, the king is waiting to be entertained, and he will not eat until he hears a story: “For he nobly had willed, he would never eat. On so high a holiday, till he had heard fist.

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Why did the Green Knight come to Camelot?

Bertilak reveals that Le Faye sent him in disguise as the Green Knight to Camelot in order to scare Queen Guinevere to death. When he enters the court, he meets a gleeful reception and tells the story of his encounter with Bertilak.

Why is Sir Gawain happy when he sees his own blood on the snow?

What must Gawain do when he finds him? Why is Gawain happy when he sees his own blood on the snow? it means he isn’t dead. How does the knight know about the sash Gawain received from the lady?

What did Gawain keep for himself?

Because Gawain did not honestly exchange all of his winnings on the third day, Bertilak drew blood on his third blow. Nevertheless, Gawain has proven himself a worthy knight, without equal in all the land.

Who finally wins the conflict between Gawain?

The Green Knight, outmatching Sir Gawain by a huge degree, has the physical prowess to beat Sir Gawain regardless of any other circumstances, bu it turns out that (1) the Green Knight is the servant of Morgan le Fay, a sorceress and the half-sister of King Arthur, who planned the whole contest.

What was Gawain’s real test?

What was Gawain’s real test? Did he pass? Gawain must accept the girdle from the Lady, but he must also keep the promise he made to the Green Knight that he will give whatever he receives that day. Gawain ends up failing this test for fear of death.

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What are the five virtues in Sir Gawain?

The pentangle represents the five virtues of knights: friendship, generosity, chastity, courtesy, and piety. Gawain’s adherence to these virtues is tested throughout the poem, but the poem examines more than Gawain’s personal virtue; it asks whether heavenly virtue can operate in a fallen world.

What are the five joys?

The pentangle was also known to represent the five joys of Mother Mary: The Annunciation, Nativity, Resurrection, Ascension, and Assumption (Rose 110).

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