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Quick Answer: What is the name of the poem montag reads?

What book does Montag read Mildred?

Even though he is afraid, he reads them “Dover Beach” and the poem actually provokes Mrs. Phelps to tears. Mildred chooses a poem she heard Montag read aloud earlier in the day and she assumes that it will prove to her friends how ridiculous poetry, and books by extension, is.

Why does Montag Read Dover Beach?

Montag readsDover Beach” aloud to the ladies because he wishes to expose them to something more meaningful than their television watching.

What happens when Montag reads the poem?

Phelps cries when Montag reads the poem because she hears emotion in his words. One of the points made by society in removing all literature is that literature is harmful. When Montag reads the poem, he read “in a low, stumbling voice that grew firmer as he progressed from line to line” (Part Two).

What did Montag think Faber was reciting?

When Faber was about to leave Montag, he said some things. What did Montag think he was reciting? Montag thought he was reciting lines from a poem. Faber gives Montag an address.

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Why does Montag kill Beatty?

After the firemen are deployed to Montag’s house, Beatty reveals that Montag’s hidden stash of books has been discovered, thus making Montag a criminal. He kills Beatty in order to save himself, but more importantly, to save Faber from persecution.

Why does Ms Phelps cry?

7) Why does Mrs. Phelps cry when Montag reads aloud the poem? Mrs. Phelps likely cries when Montag reads aloud the poem “The Sea of Faith” because the poem tells of a dark, ignorant society that is similar to their own.

What is the most dangerous enemy to truth and freedom?

But remember that the Captain belongs to the most dangerous enemy to truth and freedom, the solid unmoving cattle of the majority. Oh, God, the terrible tyranny of the majority. Faber says this to Montag after Captain Beatty tries to plant doubt in Montag’s mind about the power of books while they are in the firehouse.

What does Faber say is missing from society?

In the book Fahrenheit 451 professor Faber said that society was missing Quality of information, the leisure to digest it, and the right to act on that information.

Why do Mildred’s friends get upset?

At the same time, she is getting really angry at Montag. She is telling him how nasty poetry is because of the fact that it makes people feel bad (the way Clara is right then). Montag throws them out because (in my opinion) he can‘t stand the hypocrisy of what Mrs.

What Montag gives Beatty?

Montag asks for help with Beatty that night, and Faber gives him a two-way radio he has created that will fit in Montag’s ear; that way the professor can hear what Beatty has to say and also prompt Montag. Montag decides to risk giving Beatty a substitute book, and Faber agrees to see his printer friend.

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What is Montag and Faber’s plan?

The plan that Faber and Montag have is to plant books in the homes of firemen so that the firemen will get arrested and there will be no one to enforce the anti-book laws. Montag says he wants to have “the salamander devour its own tail,”, or bring the society down from the inside.

What does Montag say to Bowles?


Question Answer
What did Montag say to Mrs. Bowles just before she left? tells her to go home and think about her miserable life
How did Mildred deal with her feelings after the ladies left? Starts to take pills

Why is Faber a coward?

When Faber and Montag meet for the first time in the novel, Faber says he is a coward because he “saw the way things were going, a long time back” and yet he “said nothing.” Even though Faber privately rebels against the government by owning books and creating his own technology, he feels that he did not do enough to

What three elements did Faber feel were missing from life?

In the book Fahrenheit 451, Faber says there are 3 elements missing from a world without books. The three elements are quality information, the leisure to digest it, and the freedom to act on what they’ve learned.

What is Faber afraid of?

Faber is first naturally afraid of Montag when they meet. Montag is a fireman. Instead of our understanding of firemen today, men who help put out fires so that people can be protected from harm, the firemen of Fahrenheit 451 instigate fires on homes that allow learning to occur through books.

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