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Quick Answer: Wb yeats poem when you are old?

What is the poem when you are old about?

“When You Are Old” is a poem by the Irish poet William Butler Yeats. In the poem, which is published in Yeats’s second collection, The Rose (1893), the speaker asks someone to think ahead to old age, strongly suggesting that the addressee will eventually regret being unwilling to return the speaker’s love.

How is the journey from youth to old age described in the poem when you are old?

Explanation: The journey from youth to old age is well described in the poem ‘ when you are old‘ in a way that touched the readers hearts. This poem says that when one start to grow old, all the troubles and struggles that he has faced will be seen in the form of his wrinkles.

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What does glad grace mean in the poem when you are old?

Another argument that support this thesis and give us this feeling, is the alliteration “glad grace”, expressing that when she is young, beautiful and in her best moments of life many will be interested in her, but they can love her just with false or superficial love. He will love her anyway no matter what happens.

What will the woman in the poem be reading when she grows old in the poem when you are old?

Answer: According to the speaker in ‘When You are Old‘, the lady will be grey and full of sleep when she sits nodding by the fire. Question 14.

What is the mood of the poem when you are old?

The tone is cautionary – the’ voice’ in the poem is giving a warning to the person addressed that, because she has rejected the person who truly loves her, she may suffer a lonely old age. Question: What is the meaning of the line “and hid his face amid a crowd of stars” in the poem When You Are Old?

How do you analyze an old poem?

The theme of the poem is cherish the past, but embrace the future. In this poem the word doll is used to describe childhood, because childhood like a doll is fun and playful, but at some point in your life, you’re going to have to put that doll in your closet and move on.

What is Maud Gonne reminded of in the poem?

What is Maud Gonne reminded of in the poem? Maud Gonne is reminded of her youthful days when she was charming and energetic. She is also reminded of her only true love who would love her for her pilgrim soul. Others love was short-lived while as the poet’s love was persistent.

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What image does the poet use in the poem when you are old?

He has used imagery in the poem such as, “And nodding by the fire, take down this book”, “And bending down beside the glowing bars” and “And paced upon the mountains overhead”.

What does the glowing bars indicate?

The glowing bars– the iron bars in the fire-place are glowing hot because of the fire burning in it. And bending love fled- The poet imagines that in her old age his beloved would feel that love has left the world, and lives now in the stars and the mountains.

How is the speaker’s passionate love for his beloved brought out in the poem when you are old?

He wants her to know that unlike others he was attracted by the beauty of her inner self and his love would remain constant even in her old age. He assures her that he loves even the sorrows of her changing face. Thus, the whole poem is the delineation of the intense feelings of a true lover.

Who does one man refer to in when you are old?

The “oneman” here refers to the poet as he is different from the others who loved the woman only for her external beauty but he loved her for her inner beauty and for her soul not for physical beauty. He proved that his love is true by waiting for her for a long time. Question 2.

What is meant by Pilgrim Soul?

A pilgrim soul might mean a part of you that wants to travel, or it may mean that your personality changes over time. There is one man who loves that part of you. It’s from a poem, so the meaning is not really clear, and its not at all a common expression. A pilgrim is a traveller.

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Who creates heaven on earth?

Answer: The poet creates heaven on earth by imbibing the beauty of nature and spilling the nectar of heaven, on the earth, through his poetry. What, according to Kuvempu, are only figments of man’s imagination?

Where there is a wheel summary?

This essay is about a social movement through cycling in Pudukkottai district of Tamilnadu where over 100,000 rural women have taken to bicycling. Most of them are neo-literates who use bicycling as a symbol of independence, freedom and mobility.

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