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Quick Answer: Vietnam wall poem?

What is the main idea of the Vietnam Wall poem?

The central idea of both the photo essay and the poem is that the Vietnamese War took hundreds of lives away from the United States of America. It ripped men from their loved ones, family, friends, and it left a wave of death in its path.

What type of poem is the Vietnam Wall?

The Vietnam Wall is a one stanza poem with no apparent rhyming scheme. The Vietnam Wall is a picture poem, meaning the way in which the lines are written and spaced, the poems appearance bears resemblance to the shape of the wall.

Why do the kids and junior high school boys mentioned in lines 30 36 of the Vietnam Wall behave differently at the Memorial?

Why do the “kids” and “junior high school boysmentioned in lines 3036 of “The Vietnam Wallbehave differently at the memorial? They are affected by the solemn mood of the memorial. has thoughts to share about the meaning of the memorial.

Why does the poet almost leave the memorial?

Why does the poet almost leave the memorial? He is upset by all the “screaming” deaths the names represent.

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What 2 monuments is the wall between?

The wall, completed in 1982, has since been supplemented with the statue The Three Soldiers and the Vietnam Women’s Memorial. The memorial is in Constitution Gardens, adjacent to the National Mall and just northeast of the Lincoln Memorial.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Added to NRHP November 13, 1982

Do they add names to the Vietnam Wall?

The Wall was designed with soldiers’ names listed in order of their dates of death. When the military approves new names to be added, Tetz said they‘re engraved in available space as close as possible to the correct date.

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