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Quick Answer: The train poem by robert louis stevenson?

What is the message of the poem from a railway carriage?

What is the message of the poem ‘From a Railway Carriage‘? The poem gives us a message that the railway journey is a source of happiness as if provides a chance to enjoy the natural beauty.

What type of poem is from a railway carriage?

The poem was published in Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1885 volume of poetry for children, A Child’s Garden of Verses, a couple of years after he’d had a runaway bestseller with Treasure Island. ‘From a Railway Carriage‘ is a masterly piece of versification, using its sprightly rhythm to evoke the movement of a train.

What does Painted station whistle mean?

When a person is sitting in a railway carriage which is moving very fast, the colourful stations of was appear picture-like as if they are painted. EXPLANATION: In the short poem “From a Railway Carriage”, Robert Louis Stevenson narrates his experiences of a railway journey when he was a small boy.

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Who wrote the poem faster than fairies faster than witches?

Robert Louis Stevenson1850 – 1894.

What pleasure does the railway journey give you?

Explanation: The speaker is the poet who enjoyed watching the natural sceneries from the railway compartment. His railway journey proved to be a source of great happiness for him. The railway journey provided him a great and enjoyment and pleasurable also.

Why are these glimpses gone forever?

Question 3: Why does the poet say ‘Each a glimpse had gone forever‘? Answer: The poet says ‘Each a glimpse had gone forever‘ because all the sights seen while travelling are just for a moment and the next moment they disappear.

Why does the poet compare the things he sees to driving rain?

ii) Why does the poet compare the things to ‘driving rain‘? = The poet compares the things he sees to driving rain because as the train runs forward, those sights came from the opposite direction as the rain comes driving.

What is faster than fairies and faster than witches?

Faster than fairies, Faster than witches, Bridges and houses, hedges and ditches; And charging along like troops in a battle, All through the meadows the horses and cattle. Explanation: Poet says that train runs more quickly than the fairies can fly or the witches can move.

Why is the Tramp gazing at the train?

Answer. Answer: Tramps in western culture are homeless, jobless men who do chores for people and in return ask for permission to spend night. The tramp seen from the moving railway carriage might be gazing at the moving train or at a cottage or shelter to spend his night.

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What does the poet say about a tramp?

Answer. Explanation: Here is a tramp who stands and gazes; And there is the green for stringing the daisies! Explanation:In the poem “A Railway Carriage” by Robert Louis Stevenson the rhythm of the poem echoes with the rhythm of the train.

What was the tramp doing when the train passed by?

What was the tramp doing when the train passed him? Answer: He was standing idle and gazing at the passing railway carriage. Question 5.

What is the definition of whistle?

1a: to utter a shrill clear sound by blowing or drawing air through the puckered lips. b: to utter a shrill note or call resembling a whistle. c: to make a shrill clear sound especially by rapid movement the wind whistled. d: to blow or sound a whistle.

What flies as thick as driving rain?

Answer: The line ‘fly as thick as driving rain‘ has been taken from the poem “From a Railway Carriage” written by Robert Louis Stevenson.

What does the poet compare to troops in a battle?

Poet compares the train with troops charging in a battle. Because it goes forward as quickly as army soldiers attack the enemy in the battle field.

Which is faster than fairies?

The train runs faster than fairies and witches.

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