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Quick Answer: Miss rosie poem theme?

What does Miss Rosie symbolize?

Miss Rosie might symbolize the uncertainty of human existence. The “best looking gal in Georgia” in her youth has turned into a “wet brown paper bag of a woman”. She could also symbolize the endurance and survival of the human spirit that makes the speaker “stand up” for her despite her “destruction”.

What relationship does the speaker of the poem have with Miss Rosie?

Your two questions are related. Miss Rosie obviously represents more to the speaker than merely an old lady surrounded by “too old potato peels.” What she symbolizes to the speaker causes the speaker to “stand up.” These lines seem to indicate respect for Miss Rosie.

Who is Miss Rosie?

Miss Rosie is homeless, a street person surrounded by her foul-smelling possessions. She is not a stranger to the narrator, who has thought long and hard about her present circumstances and how she might have been long ago before she became a familiar sight in the neighborhood.

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When was Rosie written?

Published in 1969, “Miss Rosie” reflects Lucille Clifton’s humane concerns and her great ability to recognize dignity even in those at the bottom of the social ladder, but the poem also shows us an attitude about the poor that had evolved over time.

What is the tone of Miss Rosie?

Two tones are presented in Miss Rosie: A sad ominous tone in the beginning and a hopeful tone towards the end of the poem. of two old potato peels. “) This older woman use to be the best looking woman in Georgia until her looks caught up with her age.

Which figure of speech in Miss Rosie do you think is the most powerful What picture of Miss Rosie does it create for you?

Which figure of speech in “miss rosiedo you think is the most powerful? What picture of Miss Rosie does it create for you? The imagery in the poem is the most powerful.

What does you wet brown bag of a woman mean?

-“you wet brown bag of a womanmeaning: yet again she is homeless, this time he explains how she looks like, in his point of view.

What can a poet’s use of imagery help establish in a poem?

What can a poet’s use of imagery help establish in a poem? It creates a sense of rhythm. Which sentence is most clearly about the relationship between a poem’s setting and its mood?

Why is imagery used in poetry?

How Is Imagery Used in Poetry? Imagery allows the reader to clearly see, touch, taste, smell, and hear what is happening—and in some cases even empathize with the poet or their subject.

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When I watch you wrapped up like garbage sitting surrounded by the smell of too old potato peels?

when I watch you wrapped up like garbage sitting, surrounded by the smell of too old potato peels Source: Clifton, Lucille. “miss rosie.” Good Woman: Poems and a Memoir 1969-1980.

What is homage to my hips about?

As the title suggests, the poem is a celebration of the speaker’s body and femininity with a focus on her “big hips.” These, the speaker says, demand “space” in society, refuse to be “held back,” and have “never been enslaved.” The poem is also a celebration specifically of Black womanhood, associating the speaker’s

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