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Question: Wandering aengus poem?

What is the quest of Aengus in this poem?

“The Song of Wandering Aengus“- Interpret: What is the quest of Aengus in this poem, or what is he searching for? Aengus is searching for the trout girl he had caught while fishing. After he has found her, he plans to live with her their whole lives.

What does the Silver Apples of the Moon The Golden Apples of the Sun mean?

The silver apples of the moon, The golden apples of the sun.” It describes how the man hopes to find the young beauty, and embrace. her youth and her love. The use of the word “wandering” also tells of how the man has aged while searching for the water nymph who called out to him one day while he was fishing.

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What kind of poem is The Song of Wandering Aengus?

Lyric, Iambic Tetrameter. “The Song of Wandering Aengus” is a lyric poem. It’s told in the first person (through the perspective of Aengus). Lyrics, as our wonderful lit glossary tells us, are usually written in the first person, and they give us an insight into the speaker’s thoughts and emotions.

What does when white moths are on the wing mean?

shining unsteadily. And when white moths were on the wing, And moth-like stars were flickering out, The images of flying white moths and flickering stars could be emphasizing the speaker’s old age and the unsteady, dying light of his life.

What does Aengus mean?

Definitions of Aengus. noun. Celtic god of love and beauty; patron deity of young men and women. synonyms: Angus, Angus Og, Oengus.

Who is the speaker of the Song of Wandering Aengus?

In Celtic mythology, the speaker of this poem, Aengus, is a god. But in Yeats‘ poem, he comes across as very mortal.

Where did the glimmering girl come from?

The fish that the speaker catches to eat for supper has suddenly turned into a “glimmering girl.” This incident reflects the way in which the poem frames nature as a source of the fantastical and the magical. The fact that the girl has “apple blossom” in her hair also ties her to nature.

How does the phrase little silver trout affect the tone of the poem?

And caught a little silver trout. How does the phraselittle silver troutaffect the tone of the poem? It gives the poem a whimsical tone. It gives the poem a proud tone.

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What is the effect of the words flickering out line 6 and glimmering line 13?

What is the effect of the wordsflickering out” (line 6) and “glimmering” (line 13)? A. They hint at what is going to happen at the very end of the poem.

Which event was most surprising to Aengus?

Which event was most surprising to Aengus? He sleepwalked into the forest.

What words suggest that Aengus is chanting a song?

The rhyming makes the poem songlike. This suggests to the reader that Aengus is chanting a song. Ryhmes tend to give poem a kind of rhythm that makes it somewhat melodious like a song.

What does moth like stars mean?

The narrator compares stars to moths, saying that they’re “mothlike.” Lines 5-6—depicting moths flying around and the stars “flickering out”—give us a sense of time passing. It looks like it’s nighttime. The speaker drops his fishing rod with the berry into a stream, and—lo and behold—he catches a trout.

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