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Question: Eating poetry poem?

What does the poem Eating Poetry mean?

If anything, it means that eating poetry, like seeing and hearing it, is a metaphor for experiencing it. The “I” is the archetypal reader, and the poem is about what poetry does to him as he reads it. (Poetry is a cause and has effects.) It changes him.

What is the tone of eating poetry?

The tone of the poem is dark, confusing and appearing to be somewhat dangerous, portrayed mainly with the unsettled and frightened reactions of the librarian. The narrator behaves very oddly, taking pleasure in literally consuming (and thus destroying) poetry and scaring the librarian by making her scream.

Who is the speaker of eating poetry?

Only in this case, Strand’s speaker is literally “eating poetry” while ink spills from the corners of his mouth (mmm, poem). He loves it that much.

Who wrote eating poetry?

Mark Strand was recognized as one of the premier American poets of his generation as well as an accomplished editor, translator, and prose writer.

What is Strand emphasizing by saying that the speaker is eating poetry?

Strand takes the idea of consuming poetry literally. Instead of simply reading poetry voraciously, the speaker is actually eating it—and enjoying it. The speaker’s childlike happiness in the first stanza is interrupted by the appearance of the librarian in the second stanza.

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Why do you think Mark Strand uses the metaphor of eating to express the pleasure he gets from reading poetry?

Metaphor is when a poet describes an idea that is a comparison; in this case poems are compared to food. You cannot literally eat poetry. Instead, Strand is arguing that the reading of a poem is a sensory experience just like eating. The experience of eating poetry transforms the speaker, another metaphor.

When was eating poetry written?

Strand wrote “Eating Poetry” sometime during the mid- to late-1960s and published it in his 1968 collection Reasons for Moving.

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