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Often asked: The things they carried poem by tim o’brien?

What does Tim O’Brien carry in the things they carried?

Rat (Bob) Kiley – Medic, age 19, he carries a medicine bag, morphine and M&Ms. He appears in “The Things they Carried,” “Love,” “Spin,” “Friends,” “How to Tell a True War Story,” “Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong,” “Style,” “In the Field,” “The Ghost Soldiers,” “Night Life,” and “The Lives of the Dead.”

What is the overall message of the things they carried?

The Things They Carried main message is the extreme power of storytelling. Stories can broaden imagination, they make memories, and replace thoughts. Stories continue when people don’t, and stories save lives.

What is O’Brien trying to convey when he talks about the different things soldiers carry?

However, O’Brien tries to show there humanity in the way they are careful in carrying the things they have from their loved ones, like letters. In addition to this, he shows that they are human in the way they struggle with their heavy luggage including food, weapons, gears, and other things (Colella 25).

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What does Ted Lavender symbolize?

O’Brien has Lavender killed to serve several purposes: Lavender is a symbol of unweighed fear. The function of Lavender is to be a doppelganger, a ghostly twin to haunt Cross (a Christ-figure), the one who feels the most guilt for his death.

What did Tim O’Brien carry emotionally?

The “[t]hings” of the title that O’Brien’s characters carry are both literal and figurative. While they all carry heavy physical loads, they also all carry heavy emotional loads, composed of grief, terror, love, and longing. Each man’s physical burden underscores his emotional burden.

What does Rat Kiley carry emotionally?

In The Things They Carried, Rat Kiley emotionally carries stories about the war, the responsibility for the lives of the men in the platoon, and the burden of witnessing violence and death.

How does O’Brien define courage?

Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried is a war story that reflects on the importance of courage. For O’Brien, courage is a complex emotion that is not always easy to understand. Also, courage is a commodity in short supply. Soldiers often lack courage, having cowardice instead.

What they carried Chapter 1 summary?

The Things They Carried Chapter 1, The Things They Carried. The men carry some amazingly heavy physical and emotional burdens. They all carry as much as they can, for entertainment and protection, including awe and fear of the things they carry. Jimmy Cross receives a pebble from Martha the week before Lavender dies.

Why did Azar kill the puppy?

In The Things They Carried, Azar kills the puppy as a prank. He straps it to a Claymore antipersonnel and squeezes the firing device. Azar is a very immature young man who’s forever joking around. This is just another example of his general attitude.

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How does Tim O’Brien feel about war?

In college, O’Brien took a stand against the war. The day the draft notice is delivered, O’Brien thinks that he is too good to fight the war. Although his community pressures him to go, he resists making a decision about whether to go to war or flee.

What does Lee Strunk carry emotionally?

Emotionally/Psychologically Carries: His fear for the dentist. Important Events/Actions: Died from walking out into the sunlight. He passed out at the dentist and he came back later and asked the dentist to take out a perfectly good tooth to make himself feel better.

What did Ted Lavender carry emotionally?

Ted Lavender (“who was scared”) carries tranquilizers. Mitchell Sanders carries condoms. Norman Bowker carries a diary. Rat Kiley carries comic books. The emphasis is on Ted Lavender, the scared one, who carried tranquilizers.

Why did Ted Lavender carry tranquilizers?

In The Things They Carried, Ted Lavender carried tranquilizers before he was shot because he needed them to calm his fears. Afraid of being killed at any moment, the only way he could handle the trauma of war was by taking one kind of drug or another.

What were the soldiers doing when Lavender was killed?

What were the soldiers doing when Lavender was killed? They were on a mission to tunnel complexes and Lee Strunk had just came back. What is the “good luck charm” that Norman Bowker carries? The thumb that Mitchell Sanders gave him.

What is the point of O Brien’s trip to Vietnam twenty years after the war?

In this story, O’Brien physically revisits a war experience in hopes of alleviating his guilt over Kiowa’s death. Under the guise of a trip for his daughter, O’Brien comes to Vietnam to bury his guilt, bearing Kiowa’s moccasins and wading into the muck to deposit them there.

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