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Often asked: Solitude poem analysis?

What does the poem Solitude mean?

Her most popular poem, Ella Wheeler Wilcox’s “Solitude” is about the relationship between the individual and the outside world. The context of the poem suggests that what follows is not a parade of moral platitudes but a series of choices. If you laugh, sing, rejoice, or feast, the world will be drawn to you.

What is the theme of Solitude by Ella Wheeler Wilcox?

The poem’s theme is a dramatization of the tension between a positive and a negative attitude: “For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth, / But has trouble enough of its own.” The poem essentially avers that while a negative attitude repulses others, the positive attracts them.

What is the tone of the poem Solitude?

Text of the Poem

However, the title of the work is “Solitude” which suggests that inclusion, such as others sharing happiness with you, is not going to be the primary focus; in fact, “solitude” conveys a tone of melancholy, not happiness.

How does the poem Solitude relate to the Golden Rule?

How does the poem Solitude relate to the Golden Rule? The sonnet is based on a progression of differentiating conditions: Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep and you weep alone. So the poem identifies with the Golden Rule by disclosing that liberality to others will carry satisfaction and a decent life to you.

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Who has composed the poem Solitude?

Ode on Solitude is a poem by Alexander Pope, written when he was twelve years old, and widely included in anthologies. The title of this poem was also used by other poets, such as Joseph Warton.

Who is the author of the poem Solitude?

Ella Wheeler Wilcox was a poet and author, most famous for the lines “laugh, and the world laughs with your; Weep, and you weep alone” from her work “Solitude.” Her most famous work was “Poems of Passion,” published in 1883. Wilcox was born on a farm near Johnstown in Rock County in 1850.

When was the poem Solitude written?

The poem was first published in The New York Sun in February 1883, earning Wilcox $5 and was collected in the book Poems of Passion later that year. Wilcox was thought a popular poet rather than a literary one, her poems being plainly written in rhyming verse and expressing sentiments of cheer and optimism.

What is the definition of golden rule?

English Language Learners Definition of golden rule

: a general rule for how to behave that says that you should treat people the way you would like other people to treat you.

What is the golden rule in To Kill a Mockingbird?

The golden rule says that people should treat others in the way that they would want to be treated. Atticus often teaches his children the golden rule by telling them to walk in other people’s shoes. He wants Scout and Jem to learn empathy.

How does Chapter 11 relate to the Golden Rule?

Chapter 11 relates to the Golden Rule because Atticus teaches Jem that there’s more to people than he may see on the outside and he should treat people well. Mrs. Dubose may have been a mean person to the children, but she was also a fighter and determined to kick her morphine habit before she died.

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