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Often asked: Roald dahl television poem?

What is the central theme of the poem television?

Answer. Answer: The theme of television poem, poem has give the positive message of child and it is one that encourages children to road. Reading is something that helps children concrete without necessarily breaking the mind in a way. It is the allow children use their imagination and have just as much fun.

How has the poet Roald Dahl described the television?

Poet describes the television as a box which makes the children dull. It also kills their imagination.It clogs and clutters their mind. They donot think beyond the screens.

What is the rhyme scheme of the poem television?

Answer:The rhyming scheme of the poem ‘Television’ by Roald Dahl is set up as rhyming couplets. The rhyming scheme is in the form ABB/aabb.

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What are the figures of speech used in the poem television?

What are the figures of speech and other poetic devices used in Roald Dahl’s poem ‘Television’? Simile: A simile is a direct comparison between two different things using ‘as’ or ‘like’. In the line “HIS BRAIN BECOMES AS SOFT AS CHEESE”, the poet uses a simile.

What kind of poem is television?

Form & language

The poem is a long one but very simple in language and form. It follows rhymed Iambic tetrameter lines throughout the poem with no stanza division. The poet has capitalized the important portions – especially where he talks about the undesired consequences of watching television.

What is the main message of the poem Daffodils?

The theme of the poem is Nature’s Beauty with a mix of Happiness and Loneliness. The Author, Wordsworth is shown to be lonely, but when he thinks back to the Daffodils ‘dancing'(Nature’s beauty) he is happy and content.

Who are we referred to in the poem television?

Here, the poet uses capitalized word for all words in the line 25-33 in a row. Who is the we referred to in the first line? Answer: The ‘werefers to the adults and the parents of the children who watch television continuously.

Why does the poet dislike the television?

Answer. As revealed in the poem, the poet is disgusted with television as it captures the attention of little children for long hours and makes their brains dull. He sees television in sharp contrast with books which he feels are the only things that can give children the imaginative faculty and pure joy.

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Do you think Dahl is critical of television?

Answer. Yes,Dahl seems to be critical of television because he seems to highlight only the negative effects of television on children,such as:It rots their senses,kills their imagination,clogs their mind,makes them dull and incapable of understanding the world of fantasy.It feezes thier thinking power.

What is the significance of Penelope in the poem television?

Penelope is a girl’s name; she was a mythical character who was eaten up by the cannibals, people who eat human flesh. In the above line the poet is adding an extra information. The line before this says that cannibals were crouching round the pot. Therefore when the pot is smelled from afar, it smells good.

How has the poet brought out the theme of the poem television?

1. The television as an idiot box- The poet feels that the TV has nothing good to offer to the children. Instead, it only has ‘shocking ghastly junk’ content. This is the kind of content that makes children sit in one place amd watch it, with their eyes popping out, but it does not benefit them in any way.

How are television helpful to parents?

The television proves to be useful for the parents because children do not fight and let their parents complete their household chores peacefully. The television hypnotises the children and keeps them occupied This proves to be convenient to their parents.

Which monster is the poet referring to in the above extract?

Answer: The Monster referred to the extract is the televison.

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Who will give dirty looks and to whom?

Explanation: Children will give dirty looks to their parents when their TV sets would be replaced with bookshelves filled with books. Children would then scream and yell and fight with their parents.

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