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FAQ: The erl king poem analysis?

What does the Erlking symbolize?

The Erlking symbolizes death, which is to the Romantic a source not only of fear but also of attraction to the unknown and the supernatural. Goethe’s poem embodies the universal theme of the loss of innocence. In this perspective, the Erlking becomes the monstrous maturity, which lures youth but destroys its innocence.

What specific musical techniques does Schubert use to convey the story of the Erlking?

Franz Schubert has effectively written Der Erlkonig using the musical elements of tonality, melodic shape and contour, rhythm, the relationship between the piano and the voice, and word painting. This German lieder conveys to the audience both the story and the mood taking all on a journey.

What is the mood of erlkonig?

Erlkönig” is a: miniature, a song. Because of the piano accompaniment, it can be said that the mood of “Erlkönig” is: agitated.

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What genre is the Erlking?

Schubert’s “Erlkönig” is a lied ballad based off of the poem “Erlkönig” by Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe. A lied ballad is a type of miniature composition (Greenberg, 209) in which a narrative piece (usually a poem) serves as the fundamental subject matter for a song.

What are the two basic forms of lieder?

There are two main forms: strophic – the same music for each verse. through-composed – different music for each verse.

What is the story behind Schubert’s Erlking?

Goethe’s poem tells the story of a boy riding home on horseback in his father’s arms. He is frightened when he is courted by the Erl-King, a powerful and creepy supernatural being. The boy’s father, however, cannot see or hear the creature and tells the boy that his imagination is playing tricks on him.

Who is considered one of the greatest lieder composers?

The most famous composers of Lieder were Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms, Hugo Wolf and Richard Strauss.

How many voices actually sing the lied in performance?

Three. How many voices actually sing the Lied in performance (Schubert’s Erlkönig)? One. In which mode does the Elf King sing (Schubert’s Erlkönig)?

What does the piano represent in the Erlking?

The pianos triplet represents the Horse’s gallop. While the terrified boy is represented by the high notes and crys out at the father. The father is sung low is reassuring. The Erlking tries to entice the boy and coy melodies in major scales.

What is an art song or lied?

art song. also called lied, was a song for solo voice and piano accompaniment. Franz Schubert. had greatest success in the Art Song. He captured both the spirt and the detail of the text, creating a sensitive mood painting in which the voice, and especially the accompanying piano, expresses every nuance of the poem.

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What is German lieder?

Lied (/liːd, liːt/, plural Lieder /ˈliːdər/; German pronunciation: [liːt], plural [ˈliːdɐ], German for “song”) is a term in the German vernacular to describe setting poetry to classical music to create a piece of polyphonic music.

Is the Erlking real?

The name “Erlking” (German: Erlkönig, lit. ‘alder-king’) is a name used in German Romanticism for the figure of a spirit or “king of the fairies”. It is usually assumed that the name is a derivation from the ellekonge (older elverkonge, i.e. “Elf-king”) in Danish folklore.

What instruments were used in the Erlking?

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  • 1.) Title: Der Erlkönig (The Erlking)
  • 2.) Composer: Franz Schubert.
  • 3.) Year Written: 1815.
  • 4.) Genre: Romantic – lieder (song)
  • 5.) Instruments: solo voice, piano.

What is the tempo of erlkonig?

Erlkönig, D 328 is played at 83 Beats Per Minute (Andante), or 21 Measures/Bars Per Minute.

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