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FAQ: Ezra pound in a station of the metro poem?

What is Ezra Pound describing in the poem in a station of the Metro?

In this quick poem, Pound describes watching faces appear in a metro station. It is unclear whether he is writing from the vantage point of a passenger on the train itself or on the platform. The setting is Paris, France, and as he describes these faces as a “crowd,” meaning the station is quite busy.

What does Black Bough mean?

‘Petals on a wet, black boughis the phrase which vividly shows the elegance of life and meanwhile show the impermanence of human life. Petals are found in nature in various vibrant colors which represents different human faces and the petals that lie in the wet, black bough symbolizes the transitory ness of life.

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What are the major themes of In a Station of the Metro by Ezra Pound?

“In a Station of the MetroThemes

  • Perception, Imagination, and Reality. “In a Station of the Metro” is concerned above all with imagery: the speaker sees a bunch of people in a subway station and this prompts the speaker to envision petals on a tree branch.
  • Urban Life and the Natural World.

What two things does Pound compare in this poem?

In the poem, Pound compares the faces of the crowd to petals on a wet, black bough (of a tree). The poem is devoid of any verbs, and even the implied looks like is missing from the transition between objects in the comparison.

Is in a station of the Metro a haiku?

“In a Station of the Metro” is a type of poem called a haiku (sometimes spelled “hokku”) a traditional Japanese nature-image poem of precisely 17 syllables. Pound’s haiku has 19 syllables, 12 in the first line and 7 in the last.

What is the meaning of In a Station of the Metro?

In short, ‘In a Station of the Metro‘ briefly encapsulates the main driving idea behind the Imagist movement. Ezra Pound once defined an image as ‘an intellectual and emotional complex in an instant of time’, and this is exactly what this poem offers.

What does apparition mean?

1a: an unusual or unexpected sight: phenomenon strange apparitions in the sky. b: a ghostly figure reported seeing ghostly apparitions in the old house. 2: the act of becoming visible: appearance the apparition of sunlight through the window.

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What does Imagism mean?

: a 20th century movement in poetry advocating free verse and the expression of ideas and emotions through clear precise images.

What does bough mean?

: a branch of a tree especially: a main branch.

What kind of poem is in a station of the Metro?

“In A Station of the Metro” is an Imagist poem by Ezra Pound published in April 1913 in the literary magazine Poetry.

What is the tone of In a Station of the Metro?

The poem has an unmistakably somber tone, even though we may not, at a first pass, be able to say precisely why. The content of the poem seems to be just the description of a moment in a subway station, when the people appear to look (somehow) like petals stuck to a branch.

What ideal of Imagist poetry is best reflected?

What ideal of imagist poetry is best reflected in this poem by Ezra Pound in which he compares a crowded metro station to a flowering tree branch? Poets should be able to describe ordinary subjects in new ways.

What is the silver dust referred to in the first stanza?

The Silver dust that seems too high for her to touch is a symbol of prosperity that we as humans cannot reach. The tree is a symbol of perfection to h.d. The untenable silver represent the somehow unattainable goals in life.

Why do you think pound chose to use the word apparition rather than appearance?

He uses the word apparition to describe the way in which the faces appear. He could have used the word appearance, but chose instead to use a word that has a ghostly, otherworldly effect on the text. In addition to unusual word choice, Pound also employs unusual sentence structure.

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What does pound advise writers not use?

mysterious and abstract words rhythms that match meaning concrete, exact words sensory language.

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