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FAQ: After apple picking poem analysis?

What is the central idea of the poem after apple picking?

After Apple Picking” focuses on the idea of and begs the question: at the end of the day (or road, or anything that is considered an ending including life), one wonders if he has done the best he can do, or perhaps he should have done more.

What does the Apple symbolism in after apple picking?

Lines 31-36: The apples that fell and hit the earth are symbols of sin and earthly corruption. They are treated “as of no worth,” similar to how Adam and Eve were treated after they metaphorically “fell to earth” by tasting the forbidden fruit.

What does Apple picking symbolize?

Apple picking symbolizes life and the cross roads it comes across. Long sleep symbolizes the death approaching, it is not just a sleep at night but a sleep for good, for the apple picking to be over.

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How would you characterize the line length in after apple picking?

After ApplePicking” is basically iambic, and mostly in pentameter, but linelength variants abound. Line 1, for example, is long by any standard. Line 32 is very short: one foot.

Why does the poet say that he is done with apple picking?

Answer: The poet say that he is done with applepicking because he has spent sleepless nights.

What is the speaker’s attitude in after apple picking?

The speaker’s overwhelming state of mind in “After ApplePicking” is tired and reflective. He was already tired in the beginning of the day when he took a drink and is even more exhausted after a long day spent picking apples. Physically, he is sore and worn out.

What does the empty barrel signify in after apple picking?

After Apple Picking” is a highly symbolic poem by Robert Frost. The most suggestive symbol is empty barrel. Literally, an empty barrel means “an unfilled container” but symbolically it signifies the unfulfilled human desires, the greediness of the people and the hope for bright future.

Is after apple picking about death?

The very situation of the poem, a surcease from picking apples, recalls the Garden of Eden from which, after the apple was picked (and eaten), man was expelled into a world of sin and death. The speaker affirms that he was “well” on his way to sleep even before his morning venture with the sheet of ice.

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How does the poet convey so vividly the experience of apple picking?

In the poem the speaker talks of his feet hurting from too many hours on the ladder, and how he cherishes each apple before he adds it to his bucket. Talking of these adds a vivid picture to the readers mind of what applepicking looks and feels like.

What does the phrase winter sleep in line 7 symbolize?

The phrasewinter sleepsymbolizes an ending – to the apple-picking season, to the harvest itself, and quite possibly, the death of the apple picker.

Is After Apple Picking a lyric poem?

After ApplePicking” was published in Frost’s second collection, North of Boston, in 1915. His first collection was titled A Boy’s Will, and it contained many short lyric poems about nature and country life.

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